‘Don’t Tread On Me’-Are Rand Paul and Tim Profitt Tethered to a String?

The head stomping of Lauren Valle occurs really only seconds after Rand Paul exited his limousine for the debate in Kentucky Monday night. Listen for the cacophony of raging chants from a boisterous crowd-riot was in the air, Rand Paul himself has suggested this. And the perpetrator of this violence on a dissenting woman was not a casual volunteer of Paul’s. Tim Profitt was the Rand Paul for Senate Bourbon County coordinator.

rand paul woman stomping Rand Paul Tim Profitt

This wasn’t a spur of the moment assault; rather it was politically motivated attack on the liberal woman, who just wanted to hold up a sign that would tie the Republicans with Big Business, not such an outrageous connection to make. Lauren was simply attempting to assert her First Amendment Rights of Free Speech, and was denied this by the Gestapo Troopers of Mr. Paul.

In this context, Valle looks more like a Granddaughter of Lady Liberty, a descendent of the brave colonists who dared to separate themselves from the Tyrants of England. On the other hand, these Tea Party Stompers would symbolize the Red Coats who shot down the innocent, and in their dying words screamed: “taxation without representation” at the Boston Massacre. So the tide has turned, now these rebels against big government control are reduced to mere street brawlers, who will enforce the law according to their own skewed political agenda.

Pristine footage of the whole ruckus puts Rand Paul himself squarely in the frame of controversy. The makeshift security unit grabs poor Valle really only seconds after the pompous Paul exits the vehicle. I’m not suggesting that he ordered it, but he certainly didn’t do anything to prevent it either. And his statements in the press yesterday were guarded and didn’t go far enough to condemn Profitt’s violence.

A portion of one statement downplays Profitt’s role in the campaign, and labels him as a mere volunteer. “The Paul campaign has disassociated itself from the volunteer who took part in this incident, and once again urges all activists-on both sides-to remember that their political passions should never manifest themselves in physical altercations of any kind.” But remember that there were several other brawlers involved, such as Mike Pezzano. Is Rand going to disassociate himself from these other rotten apples?

Paul implies that rebel-rousers from the other side (Jack Conway) were inciting riot also. Where’s any evidence of this? The MoveOn.org employee was just holding up a sign, not committing assault on any Paul supporters. No, it was only the ‘Paul Bunch’ who was out of control, they were the ones who perpetrated this crime.

Voters in Kentucky need to take a closer look at this incident before they enter the ‘patriot booth’ next Tuesday. Was Profitt just a volunteer, or was he well imbedded within the Rand Paul Political Machine? And do we need these types of people in our U.S. Senate, who surround themselves with common thugs, and who more resemble the Nazi street-brawlers who once bullied Germans, and who launched Adolf Hitler into his ‘Reign of Terror’ in the 1930s.

The Lauren Valle Stomping by Tim Profitt