Statesman Trump Emerges From the Shadows in Defined Presentations

Donald Trump’s transition from bellicose carnival barker to statesman-style campaign speeches is nothing less than astonishing. Whereas the far-left liberal media has gleefully portrayed him as a racist, warmonger and crazy, this Donald Trump is throwing steady and calm punches with his defined stances and command of various issues.

On Wednesday in Philadelphia, Trump delivered a plan to revitalize America’s military by building up troop levels and ending caps on the military budget. It wasn’t his usual pattern of the past where he would paint a broad, general picture that could be easily attacked by the Clinton campaign.

peace through strength

His defined proposals are part of the best two weeks of the Trump campaign as he is pushing back unwarranted liberal criticism concerning his fitness to serve as commander in chief. It is all so curiously ironic considering the main voices spreading that political propaganda.

In his speech, Trump said he will ask Congress to fully eliminate the defense sequester and will submit a new budget to rebuild our military as soon as he assumes office. He is referring to sequestration measures that went into effect in 2013 affecting both military and nonmilitary spending.

statesman trump.
Statesman Donald Trump.

To a cheering sellout audience, he reminded them that Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton has sternly said publicly she is against any deletion of the sequestration cuts, framing the levels as “arbitrary.” That now presents a deep divide for the military vote.

The real estate mogul declared he would call on his generals to draw up a plan to defeat the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria within his first month in office. That announcement came after almost 100 generals, admirals and high military officials officially endorsed Trump’s candidacy.

In great detail, Trump called for expansion of every branch of the military, putting hard numbers to the broader pronouncements made at rallies in recent weeks. The dubious and generalized pronouncements of the past are being replaced with hard facts and numbers. Trump is gaining ground daily on Hillary, if not surpassing her.

For instance, Trump outlined the need for an Army of about 540,000 troops, a Marine Corps of about 36 battalions, a Navy with about 350 surface ships and submarines and an Air Force of 1,200 fighter planes. Those figures are direct recommendations by the Army chief of staff, the Heritage Foundation and the National Defense Panel.

The Hillary campaign is still continuing to repeat that Trump’s temperament could lead to a nuclear war. Remember what the left-leaning media called Ronald Reagan in his 1980 campaign against President Jimmy Carter; a reckless cowboy and a warmonger. This was the man who brought, through military strength, the Soviet Union to its knees and ended The Cold War.

Clinton’s response thus far was to say several high-profile GOP “national security figures” crossed the aisle to back her for president. Was this a move these particular Republicans did to trump Trump, or was it a reaction to a possible president who will not be bought and paid for by private interests, lavish taxpayer-funded lifestyles and the lobbyists that keep those certain Republicans in line? It appears that definition includes Hillary Rodham Clinton and the corrupt Clinton Foundation. The foundation will be prominently addressed on the nation’s stage, in the last two months of this bitter and divisive presidential campaign.

Meanwhile, last Tuesday the pro-Clinton super-PAC Priorities USA released a video ad that meshed Trump’s declaration of I love war over pictures of battle and a nuclear mushroom cloud. It seems Hillary’s rat pack can’t even produce an original mud-slinging attack ad. Lyndon Johnson used that gimmick against Barry Goldwater during the 1964 presidential campaign.

It was as original as Hillary’s rehearsed and droll speeches that are rapidly putting the American voter to sleep. Trump’s rise in the polls is beginning to strike terror into a campaign with the unoriginal strategy to “wait out the clock.” That brilliant idea is now in the same garbage bin as their last desperate negative ad. That ad was put to the nation with false pretenses and political innuendo that is growing old fast.

Trump starts speaking at 8:55 in this video

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