Republicans Can Smell Victory But Fear Democrats Will Retaliate

Republicans will control the house in January. We will win. We plan to repeal and replace Barack Obama’s Health Care Law. We smell victory. But I feel the retaliation from our opponents…With the Democrats controlling the senate we can be sure that they will evade every attempt. But Republicans never run out of tactics. We are advocates of change. Defeat is not found in our vocabulary. We resort to Government shutdown. But we are powerless when the government is against us. The most the republicans will get is a tweak here and there.

Unfortunately, with Public Option is off the table, the current health care law is as good as it will get. Millions of people still uninsured. The two sides are stubborn. They have to convene and to find common ground with what needs to be done to bring the funds necessary for every citizen to receive quality health care.

With the word socialism being thrown around it becomes harder and harder for Democrats to convince not only Republicans but moderate Democrats and Independents that we already have many “socialist” programs in place that many of the voters against them are already carrying, like, Medicare, Social Security and Medicaid. These have proven to be of great importance to everyone, there should be no price tag on health.

Education has barely been touched by either party which is something that is being predicted to be the next step by Democrats. The focus on Health and education is something that will leverage the growth and success in the country’s future as it will be the new generation’s foundation for global success.

A Democrat? or a Republican? Both assume victory. Both demand appropriate medical laws, educational support system, and social security mutual aid. With different facets of ideologies, we have common ground, the endeavor to surpass economic distress. I believe we can still work as one for the welfare of all American people.

Lydia Pagan lives in Brooklyn, NY where she was raised. She has an extensive Business background with writing as her first love. Her interest in Politics, Business, and the human psyche began through her research for her writings.