Planned Parenthood Perched on a Dam Wall

Pastime Of Planned Parenthood

We know Planned Parenthood (PP) specializes in abortions. It’s documented most women feel depressed, desolate, lost, and humiliated after such a procedure. Unknown to most, a dam wall, specifically one in Italy, seems to highlight the abortion issue. The term ‘climb like a mountain goat’ takes on new meaning after seeing the video from a high dam in Aosta, Northern Italy.

Even though no preborn holds up a sign, saying ‘I want to live!!!’, the outward (in-utero) signs are obvious: 1) movement within several weeks conception, 2) attempts to breath air when preborn leaves womb, 3) need for sustenance after leaving womb, 4) hundreds of cases of ‘still-live’ babies in dumpsters, trash cans, receptacles, operating tables, etc., etc… Pre-born babies never determine their ultimate demise, only how to live with what they have been given.

Vertical Dam In Northern Italy
The photo above shows a herd of Alpine ibex wandering across the face of a 160foot-high, near-vertical dam in northern Italy.

The mountain goats up on the dams around Aosta are built for survival. This is where (seemingly), Goats defy death and scale dam by Italian lake Gran Paradiso … National Park. For some unknown reason, twelve Alpine lakes located in the western Italian Alps, attracted a herd of death-defying Alpine Ibex goats scaling a near vertical dam.

Goats More Fortunate Than Babies

The salt secreted from the dam cracks are life-giving to the goats. The goats are actually grazing, licking the stones for their salts and minerals. Roberto Bertoni (Editor/Journal of Limnology), explains how weathering and precipitation determine lake hydrochemistry. Morphology changes physical properties of the lakes. The Gran Paradiso National Park area is significantly less affected by atmospheric pollutants than other Alpine regions. The phosphorus is mainly the phytoplankton ‘growth-limiting-element’, and is key in biological processes. In the Alpine area studies indicated the low nitrogen retention capacity of alpine sparse vegetation, by comparison with prairies or forests.

It turns out babies in ‘utero’ cannot scale steep dams. They usually have a fear of falling, huge heights, or taking a misstep. But they maintain an innate ability to live. Goats in the Gran Paradiso National Park have demonstrated a total lack of falling, and never seem to make a false move.

Human babies are much more dependent on their parents for protection. And there is much more at stake with their livelihood.

True Goal Of Planned Parenthood

Per LifeNews, Planned Parenthood: Tax Funding Up 77% While it Makes $170 … million. Literally, meaning they’re killing off the human race, while taking huge amounts money for it. On 12/11/13, Planned Parenthood Federation of America (PPFA) released its 2012-2013 annual report.

At the end of this fiscal year (6/30/13), PPFA closed out with assets of >$1.6 billion dollars, and put $58.2 million of profits in the bank. PP’s cumulative profits now stand at $1.28 billion-an ‘alleged’ non-profit organization.

Meanwhile, total services are down 2.7 percent from 2009. From PPFA’s annual report, the only ‘service’ not down is the sale of contraceptives. However, our meta-analysis on Planned Parenthood (LifeNews) released in 2013 indicates PP is likely inflating its number of contraceptive clients. With taxpayer dollars ‘up’ 77 percent over the last seven years, one has to wonder what really IS PPFA’s business?

Despite PP’s drop in services, its bottom line continues to increase, due to Obama’s expansive government funding, and its lucrative abortion business.

Per the American Life League (2013), PP has received $7.36 billion in taxpayer money since 1964. And those dollars given to PP have increased dramatically with the Obama Administration. “ALL” also stated PP had a total countywide of 938 abortion clinics in 1995. Today that’s been cut to 730.

Posing as a healthcare organization, PP garners obscene amounts of taxpayer money for extremely high salaries for top CEOs, while pocketing almost 1.3 billion dollars in profits since 1966. By now, PP has killed over 6.3 million babies, depriving the world of all the future benefits of those people.

Of course, the current administration could be actively pushing “Planned Goat-hood.” But it would never be able to buy all those votes to stay in power, babies have almost no method of defense (except parents) when young, and it could never make hordes of money killing off the goat population.