Nancy Pelosi the Hypocrite Hides Behind Her Own Wall

Hypocrisy is at its thickest with the new House Majority Leader. Despite her staunch opposition to a southern border wall, Nancy Pelosi called police to evict illegal aliens from camping out at her multi-million-dollar vineyard estate in Napa Valley.

Journalist and activist Laura Loomer brought illegal immigrants from Guatemala and Mexico onto the property of Pelosi’s walled estate Monday. They were not allowed to stay long.

The gaggle of illegal aliens set up a portable canopy with the word “immorality” written on it in large red letters. The reference was to Pelosi’s recent characterization of a wall on the southern border.

Hanging from the front of the canopy were photos of murder victims of illegal immigrants. The entire scene was almost ghoulish. Loomer read the names of the victims, adding that they were not welcome in “sanctuary state California.”

nancy pelosi says a wall is an immorality.
Nancy Pelosi says a wall is an immorality

Pelosi’s front door was locked. “Only bigots lock their doors,” Loomer said. “Come on, you can’t say everyone is welcome here and then lock your door,” she added. “You’re killing us, Nancy! You’re killing us!”

They began to chant “Nancy, Nancy.” Police officers showed up and asked for identification. Loomer screamed at one of the officers saying, “I was told IDs were racist. I’m so confused.”

The police had come on orders from Pelosi. The alleged illegals were ticketed and removed from the property. They were not detained.

Pelosi quickly told curious reporters, “a wall is an immorality.” She added, “It’s not who we are as a nation.” This was Jan. 4, amid the partial government shutdown over wall funding.

Fearing her image would be tarnished, Pelosi used strong words to outline her feelings. “We are not doing a wall. Does anybody have any doubt? We are not doing a wall.”

Despite saying walls are immoral, Pelosi’s San Francisco mansion is surrounded by a high wall and tall steel gates.

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Dwight is a native of Portland, Oregon, and now a resident of the San Francisco Bay Area.