Obama’s Giveaways Insure Democrat Control

Giveaways Name-Of-The-Game

Government giveaways identify the Obama Administration. During President Reagan, 19 percent of America did not pay any income tax. Today, with Obama, 47 percent do not. In other words there are 144,000,000 Americans no longer having “skin in the game,” and no longer paying taxes.

For every $1 paid in taxes, Americans can receive $10 in benefits. For those government benefits, even the top ten searches on the internet-food stamps (SNAP), Medicaid, unemployment, Earned Income Credit, Section “8,” disability, Pell Grant, Medicare, FHA Loan, and Head of Household-will bind each family with government subsidies. This administration’s idea is government has to take care of you because you cannot do it yourself.

Ingoglia Ahead Of His Time

Blaise Ingoglia’s presentation shows 16 percent of all Americans now are dependent solely on government. Adding spouses gives 32 percent who will never vote against government giving away those freebies. That 32 percent is growing daily, and when it reaches 50 percent-game over.

GGW Video: “Land of the Freebies, Home of the Enslaved,” by Ingoglia, gives an excellent explanation of government’s cradle-to-grave entitlements. Special Interests…EXPOSED!!! – YouTube is a shocking expose of how much government employees make versus the average citizen. Private jobs have only increased 1 percent, but government jobs have increased 15 percent. “Big Government” is truly scary realizing how quickly high-paying jobs are added. Even scarier, is we are now borrowing 40 percent of our annual spending. Why won’t government cut spending? [View Video Clip Here!!].

Supreme Court Goes Liberal

In The “Supreme” Consequence Of An Obama Second Term, Ingoglia outlines specifics. If either Justice Ginsburg or Kennedy retires in the next three years, Obama will nominate a liberal judge. Without Kennedy, the Court will go “liberal” with 5-4 decisions, and thus cementing a liberal framework of laws for years to come.

Site of the Tunguska explosion in Siberia
The photo is a picture of the site of the Tunguska explosion over Siberia over 30 years ago. Due to a meteorite exploding just before it hit the ground in Russia, nothing was alive after the explosion. This picture only partially displays what America will look like after the Constitution is shredded.

Wenzel Strategies says nearly 7 of 10 Americans believe Obama is driving the nation the wrong way. Fritz Wenzel’s poll was conducted April 25-29 with a 3.03 percent margin of error. “This is the time in a typical presidential administration when optimism tends to begin to be on the upswing, but that is clearly not the case here,” per Wenzel, “I cannot help but wonder whether likely voters are now so weary of the incompetence of the Obama administration that they are simply losing hope that anything will change until he leaves office.”

The IRS (enforces penalties) released a cost analysis of Obamacare showing the cheapest plan, a “Bronze Plan,” will cost 4-5 member-families $20,000/yr. CNSNews.com also reports: “The annual national average bronze plan premium for a family of 5 is $20,000.” With Obamacare one must buy health insurance or pay penalties.

Debt Clock Shows Eminent Disaster

U.S. National Debt Clock : Real Time is directly from the Congressional Budget Office, CBO. The current debt, now at over $17 trillion, is escalating at over $600,000/minute, or $10,000 every second. No relief is in sight for Obama’s remaining three years. We will likely owe over $20 trillion, and if a Democrat administration is re-elected in 2016, we probably will be relegated to a second-world country. Expect a major decline in all monetary assets. Six months-the predicted onset.

No longer a democratic-republic, America will be considered a socialist state, with a declining population similar to Russia. The founders’ dream of The United States Bill of Rights: First 10 Amendments to the … Constitution will be thrown into the dustbin of history.

China will likely hold most of any assets we still have. God will be purged out of our Constitution-essentially being non-existent-and the once-powerful USA will be relinquished to a has-been. Government will hand-feed and control Americans, pass the suffering “buck” around, and America “the proud” will never recover.

Hope On The Horizon

But if a different party is elected, the economy and massive debt can still turnaround. At least one half of all governmental departments [The Cabinet | The White House] should be eliminated, massive government gifts to Planned Parenthood must be halted, abortions must be eliminated, population not dependent on government should grow, Obama’s dictatorial rule eliminated, and the Framer’s Constitution should be reinstated.

We should talk in six months…