President Obama’s Bias And Contempt Towards Israel Cannot Be Denied

We will not mince words about Obama’s bias, republicans say. It is becoming more painfully clear every day, to all but the most completely devoted, that President Barack Obama is the most anti-Israel President in our nation’s history.

From the beginning of President Obama’s term in office, Congresswoman Debbie Wasserman-Schultz has not signaled any disagreement at all with the needless diplomatic rejection and humiliation of Israel by President Obama. This even as the President’s actions have minimized the strategic relationship between the U.S. and Israel, and needlessly endangered its national security.

Rep. Wasserman-Schultz has been a foot soldier for the entire Obama agenda, and she has signaled little or no disagreement with this President’s policy of weakness and appeasement towards Israel. Since President Obama took office last year, Israel’s national security has become substantially more endangered, due in no small part to President Obama’s own actions and foreign policies.

The Obama Administration is content to allow Iran to finish its nuclear weapons program, and it has failed to create an international coalition that would impose crippling sanctions on the country.

President Obama seems to have completely changed foreign policy towards Israel from one of strategic ally to one of neutrality, placing our relations with Israel on par with every other nation in the Middle East, including those rogue regimes that sponsor terrorism and seek Israel’s destruction.

This change in policy means that the United States will abandon Israel to its own defenses. The perception that America will no longer intervene on Israel’s behalf either diplomatically or militarily only emboldens Israel’s enemies. This reckless policy change is proof positive of this administration’s willful contempt for Israel, its sovereignty, and its national security.

“It’s clear that Congresswoman Debbie Wasserman-Schultz is much more interested in her political future than she is in expressing consistent, principled support for our historic ally as it faces down enemies bent on its destruction,” Karen Harrington said.

“Her total embrace of the Obama agenda, and her silence in the face of President Obama’s amoral foreign policy towards Israel shows that she is a fair-weather friend of Israel, and that she embraces a policy of weakness and appeasement.”

“It’s clear that Israel’s enemies – Iran, Syria, and its terrorist proxies- are accelerating their aggressive activities and public relations efforts partly as a result of our abandonment of the Jewish state.”

“This administration is allowing Iran to finish its nuclear weapons program and refuses to impose serious sanctions; leaving Israel to fend for herself as it fights for her very existence,” the republican congressional candidate in Florida’s 20th Congressional District said.

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