Mitt Romney Says He’ll Cut the Deficit, But Says He’ll Increase Military Spending

Generic is a good word to describe Mitt Romney’s speech Thursday night for (what’s suppose to be) a crescendo of the 2012 RNC Convention. So generic, in fact, it was mostly forgettable. After having watched it in its entirety, I couldn’t remember one single phrase, idea or word when I woke up this morning to make my coffee (with the thought that perhaps robust caffeine beans would reignite a single memory cell of a substantive, catchy phrase of this mannequin-like candidate).

It still didn’t happen for me! I was forced to rewind the tape and play it again Sam, which was a painful exercise, but I did it anyway thinking I’d make a sacrifice for my country, and listen to what this boring, rich, out-of-touch (with normal Americans) candidate has in store for us. Oh, The Huffington Post had a text copy of the speech, so I printed this out also. Let’s see, a mention of breaking up fights with his boys? Humm…

mitt romney

A mention of being a Mormon in Michigan as a little unusual, but people were more interested in the sports teams they followed. Humm. No wonder I couldn’t remember what he said, since he didn’t say anything you can sink your teeth into. One cosmetic item that sticks with me, but which pleases me nonetheless, is he a used a blue backdrop, while Marco Rubio used a red one. Huh?

Blue is the clan color for the Democrats, red identifies the Republicans. Does this suggest Mitt leans to the left, as opposed to Marco, who’s weighed down by the ponderous gravity of right-wing extremism? This is what I was seeing, but my brain works better with metaphors. Colors and shapes can assume political significance; I learned this from studying the City States of the Italian Renaissance. The promoters of the RNC Extravaganza have over-looked the iconography of the event entirely!

This plays into the hands of the Democrats, bar none, where most supporters are acclimated (and influenced) by the strong graphic representations projected by their zany Friends on Facebook. Powerful graphics can be persuasive, if not hypnotic, but these dumbos didn’t catch on. All I see, as I sip my coffee, is turgid, fluid Blues, and I think to myself, Barrack Obama has done a terrific job over the past four years, and I convince myself, this is the hidden message Romney is conveying to us as well.

If you’d prefer for me to critique Mitt’s actual speech, I can oblige you, but I’ll have to reread the text from The Huffington Post, because everytime I do so, I forget it immediately! Okay, so he wants to eliminate the deficit, but he wants to increase military spending. Huh? This is nonsense, it can’t possibly happen! This is a scary thought. He’ll have to eradicate entitlements completely to do so. Very spooky! I’m only two years away from Social Security.

It’s like Tantalas’s grapes before my eyes. This rich jerk ain’t going to stop me from receiving the benefits I worked all my life to get (We struggled hard all our lives to get by). Yea, they say it won’t effect those older geisers over 55. But do I believe them? No I don’t! I don’t trust that young punk, Marco Rubio.

Don’t trust Rand Paul. Definitely don’t like or trust the crusty, cold bureaucratic thug, Paul Ryan! And I don’t like or trust Mitt Romney, who seems to worship a ruthless brand of capitalism, where the elderly, the poor, the eccentric, minorities, women, or the homeless will be thrown to the curb. How’s Mitt going to get these people jobs? He’s not!

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