Justice Gorsuch Has Been the Key in Many 5-4 SCOTUS Decisions

The far left may be disappointed that Neil Gorsuch is now a Supreme Court Justice, but for most Americans he is doing a fine job. The strict constitutionalist has performed magnificently in his position and has the respect of the entire Court.

Gorsuch has proven himself a strong conservative ally and literally a game changing voice on the high court. Since being sworn in April, 2017, the American Bar Association, not exactly conservative, has awarded the justice its highest rating possible. The entire Standing Committee voted Gorsuch “well qualified” for his SCOTUS position.

The regularity of 5-4 rulings have been determined because of his presence. Several of those key cases stand out from the others including:

The Trump travel ban: The case affected a number of predominantly Muslim countries. It was concluded by the Court that, “The Proclamation is squarely within the scope of Presidential authority.” The left howled that this was discrimination against Muslims. However, the reality was the ruling involved less than ten percent of the world’s Muslim population.

Gerrymandering – The Court ruled that the Texas legislative and congressional maps had not been tampered with in any “racial” way. However, one district was indeed cited for that offense. The opposition had been eager to re-district more in their favor.

California pregnancy law – Back in 2015, the California legislature in their infinite wisdom has passed what was known as the “Reproductive FACT Act.” It targeted pro-life pregnancy centers. They were literally forced to provide “free” advertising to organizations they vehemently oppose; namely the abortion industry. Gorsuch provided the majority vote to stop such madness.

Voter roll purges – In the State of Ohio, the Court found that their practice of denying voters from their rolls if they didn’t vote over a six-year period was affirmative. It was a huge blow to the Democrats who were insisting voters stay on the rolls indefinitely. If the absentee voters did not respond to postcard reminders, no federal law was being violated by removing them. Once again, Gorsuch was the deciding vote.

And finally there was:

Public Unions – In a crushing blow to labor unions, the Court ruled that public employees that have not joined their union, cannot be forced to do so. That means no fees that fund many Democratic Party candidates and functions.

Now with the resignation of Justice Anthony Kennedy, President Trump has the opportunity to nominate another strict constitutionalist. Although no poll has been taken to determine the mindset of the American people, it is a safe bet the majority are pleased with Trump’s first choice.

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Justice Neil Gorsuch

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