Joe the Plumber Harassed by Media

Joe The Plumber’s parents, Frank and Kay Wurzelbacher, are Ohioans with big hearts, solid faith, and a love for their country. They appreciate the prayers people have sent for Joe and his family.

Apparently, there have been media and personal attacks from Obama supporters against their son. Joe the Plumber has been painted as a republican plant, rather then the American he is. Currently, because of his new notoriety, he is unable to run his business because some media follow him everywhere, and he says it isn’t fair to his customers.

Frank and Kay Wurzelbacher
In the middle: Joe The Plumber’s Mom & Dad, good, solid Americans!

Rather than asking the presidential contenders about the big issues confronting the country and the world, the media seems intent on covering sideshows and minutiae.

Mark Williams, a Sacramento Union journalist reports:

“Frank is not angry, if anything he is mildly amused at the elitists in the Drive By Media and around Obama who are looking down their noses and denigrating honest people who work for a living. But he sure put a fine point on Joe’s question when he described Joe and added a rhetorical question: ‘Joe exemplifies the American Dream. We all want to get ahead, why is that wrong? Should we be punished for wanting to get ahead?'”

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