Hunter Gets Yet Another Key Endorsement

Congressman JD Hayworth, author of Whatever It Takes: Illegal Immigration, Border Security and the War on Terror endorses Duncan Hunter for President.

Hayworth bucks the milquetoast trend of the GOP party-establishment to marginalize the immigration issue and tuck it out of the way of the current crop of amnesty candidates.

Instead, he’s voting for the last remaining border security hawk in the race: Duncan Hunter.

Congressman Hayworth writes:

“To base a primary vote on ‘electability’ instead of ideas and principles seems to me a reduction of your rights via rationalization.

No one will ever completely agree with every position that a candidate takes … as Sharon put it, ‘there is no perfect candidate,’ but I believe my vote should go to the candidate who comes closest to espousing the philosophy I share.

That brings me back to Duncan Hunter.

No, he won’t be on the stage tonight in the South Carolina GOP Debate, and his name appears nowhere near the top of the polls … but he supported tax cuts, did a masterful job as Chairman of the House Armed Services Committee, and stands for ‘enforcement first’ on illegal immigration.

That’s why he’ll get my vote and my support for as long as he is in it … even if he doesn’t win it!”

Other candidates get credit for the positions they’ve taken that are identical to Duncan Hunter’s.

  • Huckabee is the “man of faith”.
  • Giuliani is the “anti-terrorism” candidate, by virtue of his high profile on 9/11.
  • Romney is the guy who can handle finances.
  • Fred is the Second Amendment champion.

    Supporters say Duncan Hunter is all of those and more.

    Campaign staff say they started asking a simple question of people who say they’re supporting one of the other candidates.

    “Where do your core beliefs come from? Do the things you’re passionate about, the things that are important to you, come from what’s popular, or do they come from what is right?”

    People who support Hunter say:

  • We’re not supporting Duncan Hunter because he’s the front-runner in the race.
  • We’re not supporting him because of how well he polls.
  • We’re not supporting him because he’s this week’s media darling.
  • We’re supporting him because he is right!
  • He’s right on every issue we hold dear.

    Duncan Hunter, the complete conservative, asks conservative voters who think it’s important to elect the right person this November to ask themselves and those around them: “Where do our core beliefs come from?”

    Hunter refuses to give up the fight for what’s right, along with his team for principles and true American values.

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