Huckabee and Minuteman Accused of Lies To America

Presidential candidate Mike Huckabee and Minuteman Co-Founder Jim Gilchrist have been documented lying to America by the Washington Times after false headlines ran on Tuesday proclaiming Mike Huckabee would try to remove birthright citizenship from the Constitution.

The Washington Times article appears to confirm that Mike Huckabee lied when he appeared on CNN. He was speaking about his campaign being contacted about Gilchrist’s false statements. Ina addition, the article says Jim Gilchrist lied in a release he issued about Huckabee’s stances on immigration.

Jim Gilchrist’s press release issued on the eve of the Iowa election, using the fake name “Perry Emerson.” That release contained several false statements and embellishments of Huckabee’s immigration stances. The release claimed Huckabee would try to reverse birthright citizenship laws, which are widely exploited by illegal aliens.

“We are doing our best to get the truth about these lies, and the hidden amnesty component of the Huckabee immigration plan to the public,” says William Gheen of ALIPAC. “So far, the majority of the national media is not reporting these facts and voters wonder why they are hearing the news from us instead of CNN and Fox. This is a grand national deception in motion and it is absolutely blasphemous that voters are being deceived on a massive scale.”

NewsBlaze requested interviews with Huckabee, and emails received no response.

On December 9 2007, ALIPAC initiated a campaign warning voters about Mike Huckabee’s statements on Fox News. There, Huckabee said illegal aliens could leave the US and return within days permanently and legally. This information was only reported once on Fox and is not included in Huckabee’s distributed immigration plan.

The mainstream media did not mention that more than 84 immigration enforcement organizations, including multiple Minuteman groups, already rejected Jim Gilchrist’s Huckabee endorsement.

“When lies of this scale go unchecked by the media, it is no wonder that our nation is in such great peril today,” said William Gheen. “The Huckabee and Gilchrist immigration deception is a national disaster in motion that will have far reaching negative ramifications for America. Mike Huckabee and Jim Gilchrist are successfully deceiving American voters and they must be exposed and stopped.” says it has copies of Jim Gilchrist’s fake name press release, the Washington Times Articles, copies of the video of Huckabee’s “illegals back in days” comments, and the letter signed by many groups fighting illegal immigration.

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