GOP Convention Speech: Why Did Paul Ryan Brazenly Distort the Truth?

I’ve been very irritated, if not too impressed with the blue bubble backdrop behind the prime-time speakers at the 2012 Republican National Convention. What the promotional marketing company is going after, is beyond me? Is this cloudy undulating fog machine intended to represent the American Dream, of self-sufficiency and aggressive free-enterprise? Or this heaven itself, where the unprivileged, under-educated can succeed in life, if Big Government would just leave them alone?

It’s not too clear; better explained as an ill-conceived Pipedream of some wealthy old men (see The Magic Christian for how that plays out) who prefer living in a world without all the problems we have in America, such as poverty, racism, excessive violence, and flagrant intolerance for those left behind by this outdated, misdirected American Dream, ie the Founding Fathers, Daniel Boone and all of that dripping syrup.

paul ryan

When taking his picture, I was immediately put off by his eyes, which aren’t the most honest of eyes. I sensed he was distorting the truth in what he was saying about Obama, so I made some attempts at checking some of his rants. A piece in The New Republic (The Most Dishonest Convention Speech…Ever? by Jonathan Cohn), points out the claim that a GM plant in Janesville closed under Obama. This is wrong! It planned to close in 2008 during the Bush presidency

It’s hard to believe Ryan would try to weasel this in, since he fares from Janesville. Everybody from his hometown will know he lied and every one of them will vote for Obama in November. Thanks, Paul! Ryan’s biggest rant is against the deficit. Really, the major causes of the mounting deficit were (or are) the Bush-era tax cuts and two major wars, one in Iraq and another in Afghanistan (as you know). I’d add, a weaker GDP, which was caused also by the harsh Recession of 2008, which was caused by Bush’s policies!

Once again, I looked at Ryan’s shifty eyes (last night) when he blatantly stated: “And the greatest of all responsibilities is that of the strong to protect the weak.” This should send up a red flag for poor people who struggle to barely survive (which includes me), and especially the elderly, where Ryan can’t wait to butcher Medicare and Medicaid, so that he can give more tax breaks for the already filthy rich, who don’t need it and certainly don’t deserve it!

I don’t trust Paul Ryan and I hope you don’t either. I was offended by his wisecrack: “College grads shouldn’t have to live out their 20s in childhood bedrooms, staring up at fading Obama posters.” I’ve kept my Obama ephemera from 2008, and plan on retaining it permanently for the remainder of my days. I sense younger people will do the same; after all, Obama is our first African American president and will be remembered fondly for years to come (he’s doing a good job too).

Yea, I’m ready to forget Paul Ryan right now, since he can’t tell the truth, and has nothing good in store for most Americans, who are afflicted by social and economic ills. Yea, the motion of that blue bubble backdrop was merely a fading illusion of the Republicans, that doesn’t exist in the real world of today, and never really existed in the remote past (such as the alleged golden era of Ronald Reagan).

The Five Big Misrepresentations Of Paul Ryan’s Convention Speech | The New Republic