Gay Marriage: Unconstitutional?

Is a marriage between two people who love one another, wrong?

What if one of the participants in this marriage looses a leg? Is the marriage invalid?

What if a black man and a white woman decide that the time is right and regardless of what their families may say, their love is too strong to be kept hidden? Is it wrong for them to enter into holy matrimony?

What about people who engage in a homosexual lifestyle? Should we make it unconstitutional for homosexual men and women to be married?

I am an American first; changing the Constitution should only be reserved for things that give Americans more freedom or, are of dire necessity for America. For instance citizens should not be forced into slavery (Amendment 13). No American president should be able to serve in office for a ridiculous amount of years (Amendment 22). The congress, senate and America need to know who’s going to lead the country in case the president is not able to perform his duty (Amendment 25). Therefore, my answer is no. We should not tamper with the Constitution for something that will be changed in 20 years. We already have one permanent eraser stain on the Constitution (Amendment 18), we do not need another.

Personally, I do not agree with the homosexual lifestyle as I have seen it on television. I know many homosexual men and women and the lifestyle they lead in real life is no different than a heterosexual person’s lifestyle. And besides, I should have no right to tell another person what they can and can not do in their life; neither should you!

The issue of freedom and rights comes to the forefront every time you have a small number of people wanting freedom and being opposed by a more numerous people wanting to suppress that freedom. If gay men and women out numbered heterosexual men and women, what would be the mood of Americans if homosexual people lobbied congressmen to make laws against heterosexuals? We need to remember that America is a free nation.

For the people who are supporting the bill to make the marriage between lesbians and gays illegal, I have read Leviticus Chapter 20 verse 13 many times. I know what it says and I know what it means. But, while you’re there, take a look over at Matthew chapter 7 verse 1 and 2 and make sure you’re in a position to judge another.