Feds Surprised At Public Fury

“Angry that we’re alerting people about terrorism.”

So claimed Janet Napolitano this week. This followed burning fingers of two Homeland employees in separate incidents. State Fire Marshall’s office however reported finding no explosive material in suspicions package mailed to Homeland’s head of the organization.

It looks like the spook pranks played on American’s third Secretary of the Department of Homeland Security is finally starting to rattle her.

Easy to understand, although why she’s surprised is a mystery. Today the citizenry she’s supposed to serve has grown weary of her lack of diligence in protecting the nation’s borders, her arrogance in telling the country’s people, if they don’t like her heavy handed TAS gang groping their sexual organs they don’t have a right to public airline transportation.

For anyone who missed it, that standoff began when San Diego resident Johnny Edge checked Janet’s TSA website which stated the airport had not yet implemented porno photography of passengers.

But when John arrived for his flight he learned TSA’s outdated website was one more scam on the public, they were in full sex molestation swing. John refused to display his penis to the government at which point he was ordered to submit to intimate testicle fondling.

John flipped on video and sound features of his cell phone the proclaimed that not famous statement, “If you touch my junk, I’ll have you arrested.”

Mr. Edge next was subjected to questioning by a series of supervisors, then supervisors’ supervisors, who seemed in total shock that a citizen would stand up to Federal abuse of the public.

John canceled his American Airlines flight but before he could exit San Diego airport, the supervisor’s supervisor informed Edge that he wasn’t allowed to leave. TSA told John he would have to pay a $10,000 fine unless he allowed his government to palpate his genitals.

As we all know after lengthy detention for pending arrest John did get out of there with continued promises he, “Would be sued for the $10K.

When Secretary of State Hillary Clinton was asked if she would like the same treatment she replied, “Nobody would if they can avoid it.” A Federal protected spices Clinton is without doubt more privileged then John Edge.

One excellent method I’ve adopted and recommend in avoiding TSA sexual predators is to lunch often close-by one of our private airports. Folks around there fly nearly everywhere in the nation on a regular basic for a variety of reasons. It’s not difficult to hitch a ride. As for cost, I do opt to kick in a few bucks for fuel. Granted I do have to arrange my schedule to fit others but that’s a tiny grade off for air travel until Janet either gets the message we’re fed up with her ilk, or her boss issues the final Donald Trump dictate, “You’re fired.”

Sadly Arizona Congresswomen Gabrielle Giffords was shot during an assassination attempt. Nobody’s advocating that this type of terrible event should ever take place. Interesting though is news media making an issue of the tragedy requiring harsher penalty because Gabrielle is a Federal employee.

One must wonder, what makes a Federal Employee’s life more important, hence more valuable then yours or mine?