Father Obama Gives Hillary Advice as America’s New Number One Victim

In the Democrats’ continuing childish denial of Donald Trump’s democratic and constitutional victory over Hillary Clinton six-weeks ago, President Obama has entered the fray. Speaking Saturday, the outgoing chief executive said he did not think Hillary Clinton was “treated fairly” during the presidential election.


This statement comes after the New York Times and Washington Post management publicly apologized for their biased reporting of the election to the detriment of Donald Trump. The president, who apparently is not a reader or TV watcher, provided his astonishing view of an election that saw the media tear Hillary’s opponent to shreds to no avail.

Obama was asked specifically during a news conference whether his former secretary of state lost because of Russia’s reported hacking of the Democratic Party and Clinton campaign computer servers. Already having left the answer to that question to his official spokes-mouth, Josh Earnest, he instead lobbed a critique of the media, his closest ally in his eight-year stint in the White House.

The president found the coverage of Clinton “troubling.” How is that? He replied, “I think she’s (victim Hillary) worked tirelessly on behalf of the American people and I don’t think she was treated fairly during the election, I think the coverage of her, and the issues, was troubling.” Considering Hillary spent the most time bashing her opponent with everything but the kitchen sink, it’s hard to tell what troubles the president is talking about.

One idea could be this; she lost.

Clinton and her campaign hypocritically have also expressed disappointment with news outlets’ focus on her private email server during the campaign over Russia’s involvement in the data breaches. Having already exhausted the idiotic movement for a recount of votes in several states, all that is left as an excuse is the Russians it seems. That or outright calling Trump a double agent.

Clinton’s campaign chair, John “sourpuss” Podesta, already portrayed in hundreds of WikiLeaks as the most corrupt official in the Hillary campaign, called the coverage of the Russia story “lackadaisical,” and Clinton last night reportedly told donors in New York that she was glad the press was catching onto the issue. This was said with a straight face as only talented actresses can pull off.

Looking ahead, President Obama said that perhaps he can give “counsel and advice” to the Democratic Party. That would be, handle everything as I do; “duck and cover” when it comes time to explaining record unemployment, a disastrous foreign policy and a healthcare law that has sunk quicker than Titanic.

The understatement of the day for the president was when he said, “The question is how do we rebuild that party as a whole so that there’s not a county in any state, I don’t care how red, where we don’t have a presence and we’re not making the argument because I think we have the better argument.”

Yes, he said this of the Democratic Party!

To translate that for those he thinks are stupid, blue collar idiots in the Rust Belt states dumb enough not to vote for Hillary, ‘wake up and realize we can handle your life better than you.’ That includes how you vote.

Reporters at that point had to be reflecting on Hillary’s “kindly words” to half of Trump’s tens of millions of supporters as “deplorables.” That’s always a great way to garner votes for your side.

But the president wasn’t through doling out advice. He added that he would have liked to have helped more to build a national and successful party but struggled to contribute more time because of his primary responsibilities at the White House, or better yet, when he was in the White House.

That was time between constant fundraisers, even the day after the Benghazi attack when he was on a plane to Las Vegas instead of staying put in the situation room at the White House, and his urgent golf game after denouncing ISIS for the beheading of an American journalist. Oh, and throw in the most vacations any president has taken in history at the largest sum of taxpayer money by hundreds of millions of dollars. That’s just the official vacations he actually was on.

Yes, Hillary should have sought out Barack Obama’s advice more often. His legacy is surely a better one than she could ever imagine possibly under indictment as a sitting president, possibly a federal conviction or banishment from a national security clearance or maybe even throw in a constitutional crisis if convicted of high treason or other serious felonies that would make Richard Nixon look like Pee Wee Herman.

But then again, Hillary could have sought advice from Obama’s press secretary, who provided the “proof” Donald Trump was in deep with the Russian hacking. It seems Earnest took Trump’s obvious satire about Russian intervention in America’s election as a serious admission. Speaking to a crowd in Florida, Trump said in part, “Russia, if you’re listening, I hope you can find the 30,000 emails that are missing.”

Unfortunately, Josh got that just a bit wrong while 100 million Americans laughed at home when Trump said it. But that should be enough “facts” to burn a few more cars, flags and private small businesses, right?

Fight on desperate liberals, maybe somebody out there is still listening.

Josh Earnest falsely links Trump to Russia.
Josh Earnest falsely links Trump to Russia in a White House briefing.
Dwight L. Schwab Jr.
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