The Dutch Now Have George Soros’ Number Too

Mysterious billionaire businessman and major financer of Democratic causes, George Soros is in the news for all the wrong reasons. It appears that some of his radical positions have been published on the Dutch financial market regulator’s website.

Although the “mistake” has been chalked up to “human error,” nevertheless the Dutch Authority for Financial Markets (AFM) acknowledges their existence. What are termed “short positions,” that is bets on a stock declining, were “between 0.2 percent and 0.5 percent,” of shares outstanding in the companies shorted AFM spokesman Ward Snijders told Bloomberg.

The bets included those against Dutch banks. The Dutch market authority apologized after admitting it had accidentally published details of short positions in stocks on its website beyond what it normally discloses. But were those crocodile tears from a group of Dutch businessmen who despise the shadowy Soros as much as many conservatives in the U.S.?

Reportedly it was “possible” the list of positions had been downloaded and distributed to eager traders. It had been removed from the agency’s website by Wednesday morning, AFM spokesman Michiel Gosens told Reuters.

“We regret this mistake,” the agency said. Sure you do.

It is routine for the AFM to publish a list of short positions larger than 0.5 percent of shares in most stocks listed on the Euronext exchange in Amsterdam. They “ask” investors to report positions between 0.2 and 0.5 percent. For obvious publicity damage, they do not normally release these.

Soros is known to have funded the chaotic racial strife in Ferguson, MO two-years-ago after the fatal shooting by police of a black teen. He is also been a heavy DNC supporter of subversive actions and the party leadership itself, including Hillary Clinton and her campaign. He also bet heavily against Trump winning the election and purportedly lost millions.

Representatives for Soros Fund Management, Marshall Wace and AQR either could not be reached or did not immediately respond.

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