Conservatives for Cannabis: Why the Right Should Not Oppose Marijuana Legalization

For the majority of my lifetime, marijuana has been illegal. It still is, depending on how one defines the term. But, no matter where a person stands on the issue, it is clear that significant changes are happening in the growth of the marijuana industry. Conservatives for Cannabis is not such a wild idea.

For many conservatives, this represents an alarming trend. Classical religious beliefs usually argue against most intoxicating practices, although wine and alcohol often seem to be an exception to those rules in many of the world’s religions.

Liberal View

On the liberal side of the equation, arguments tend to center around the judicial inequalities that are present when criminal sentencing standards are followed. To be fair, there is some truth to these arguments. There are also mischaracterizations made, and facts are often manipulated to promote a predetermined agenda.

That topic could be discussed at length, and maybe it is an article for another day. More pressing, however, is the fact that the issue of marijuana legalization is being opposed by the very people who should support its passing. By this, I mean: conservatives.

Conservatives for Cannabis

The issue of marijuana legalization is a conservative issue because it addresses the need for intellectual freedom, and the elimination of unnecessary governmental regulation. Listen up: Texas, Georgia, Alabama.

The issue of marijuana legalization can make things cheaper by reducing society’s law enforcement and judicial processing costs. Think of all the money that can be saved. It self-reflexively reduces crime, as it literally reduces the number of illegal activities that are on the books. That’s called a reduction of government.

Conservatives for Cannabis, marijuana. Image by John Miller from Pixabay
marijuana. Image by John Miller from Pixabay

Medical Effects

Oh yeah, and it might also help give your child a more manageable life if he or she is born with a debilitating illness like epilepsy.

I am an adult, and I pay my taxes. I grew up in abject poverty, studied hard, and earned a doctorate in Economics. I may or may not use recreational marijuana on a daily basis. Do you want to tell me what to do with my free time?

Find that in the Constitution, and then DM me on Twitter. This is why Conservatives for Cannabis makes sense.