Blacks At DAFR Show How To Be American

It’s Time One Hears About DAFR

Members of [] have a video guaranteed to have Obama squirming in his boots. The story is how all Americans, including Black Americans, need to follow the Constitution.

A mostly Black conservative group has come out and proclaimed how early Black America was eventually freed from slavery. And despite what many Blacks believe, it was Republicans who actually eliminated slavery. But history never showed Republicans as the emancipators.

Emancipation proclamation
Shown from left to right are:

Edwin M. Stanton, secretary of war (seated);

Salmon P. Chase, secretary of the treasury (standing);

Abraham Lincoln;

Gideon Welles, secretary of the navy (seated);

Caleb Blood Smith, secretary of the interior (standing);

William H. Seward, secretary of state (seated);

Montgomery Blair, postmaster general (standing);

Edward Bates, attorney general (seated).

Date 1864

Unsigned Painting

In fact, basic numbers starkly reveal most Democrats are for gun control, with most Republicans for freedom. This is also exactly how leading politicians feel about gun control. Most people today don’t realize the American Revolution was really started when Americans decided they would not give up their weapons, even though many of American rights to free religion and free speech were vastly abridged.

The “DAFR” Video says It All

In the [SHORT VERSION] Black conservative leaders discuss how the … NRA was initially founded by religious leaders, wanting to free slaves from the KKK, and show them how to use guns to protect their families. All this is directly from Harry C. Alford (CEO/ Black Chamber of Commerce), Niger Innes (National Spokesperson, Congress of Racial Equality), and Reverend William Owens Jr. (Founder/ God, Guns, and the Constitution) were only three of the many Black speakers representing [] in the YouTube clip.

Forgotten Black Historical History

Obama is likely shocked at what [] says. It seems difficult for many Blacks to remember the important historical changes affecting their status:

o Lincoln (Republican) freed Blacks with Emancipation Proclamation.

o Republicans responsible for passing 13th, 14th, and 15th Amendments.

o Democrats started ‘KKK’ (1866).

o Democrats enacted discriminatory “Black Codes” and “Jim Crow” laws.

o Republicans responsible for all Civil Rights laws (1866), (1875), (1957), (1964), and (1965).

o MLK Sr. & MLK Jr. both registered Republicans.

o Republican James Weldon Johnson first leader of NAACP (1909-Lincoln’s 100th birthday).

o Democrat “Bull” Connor tuned dogs and fire hoses on civil rights demonstrators (1963).

o Democrat Lester Maddox prevented Blacks from patronizing his restaurant (1965).

o Democrat George Wallace in front of schoolhouse screaming “segregation forever” (1963).

o Democrat John Kennedy had MLK Jr. wiretapped on suspicion of being communist (1963).

o US District Court (2004), Democrats admitted racism (for 150 years) from their “Jim Crow” laws, and “Black Codes” (thrown out due to technicality).

Facts checked on [], or [ Civil%20Rights%20Newsleter.pdf].

Race Relation Abandonment

What happened?

Chris Ladd (Texan, now in ChicagoLand) has his finger on the pulse of race relations. History as a Republican Precinct Committeeman in Chicago, as well as past activity with Texas Republican campaigns, gives Ladd advantages not many have had.

He cites Blacks’ experience with government power was almost the opposite of Whites’. With a weak federal government, Blacks have suffered, leaving them vulnerable to random acts of violence, humiliation and looting. They have many reasons to view government power as protection, and to be suspicious of White efforts to weaken government.

He says in past economic ‘tanks’, Blacks-who had successfully fought for prior economic opportunities-started focusing on government social programs. Black prosperity growth was highly important, but was dependent on leaving behind major government dependence.

Obama has taken full advantage of this. He has distributed phones and other giveaways prior to the presidential election. He has supported Assisted Suicide, Planned Parenthood (Blacks 13% population, 37% of all abortions), and more abortions from Roe Vs Wade. Already, one-fourth of the Black population has been killed by abortion since Roe in 1973. Obama knows this.

Planned Parenthood Killing Blacks

Why would he support Black abortion over every other population segment? Remember how Hitler was responsible for at least 6 million deaths during the Holocaust? With Obama’s SC nominations and new government policies, he’ll top that ‘damning’ distinction in the next 4 years.

Instead of increasing in percentage of American population, Blacks have been decreasing. Calvin Freiburger [LiveAction] realizes Planned Parenthood has historical ties to criminal activity. He stated: .” ..they were directly responsible for the terrorism, torture, and murder of many innocent people[.]” For eighty years (1882-1962), the ‘KKK’ lynched 3500 Blacks. PP kills that many Blacks every couple of months.

The ‘KKK’ were ‘amateurs’ compared to PP.

America was empowered by a vast number of Blacks for the Constitution, the 2nd Amendment, and especially for GOD.

Black America deserves its original American Heritage. Perhaps all the ‘constitutionalists’ at DAFR should explain a thing or two about history.