Amy Kremer Did Not Commit Support To Romney

Last Saturday, the head of Tea Party Express, Amy Kremer, sat down for a one on one interview with Fox News to discuss the impact of the tea party on the 2012 Presidential Elections. In this interview, she made a statement that has turned tea party conservatives on their heads. The statement of intense controversy was a response to a question posed by Fox News’ Uma Pemmaraju:

“Does that mean you would support a Romney campaign if he turns out to be the front runner?

Kremer’s response:

“If Romney is the nominee, I believe that – we want to defeat Barack Obama – so if Romney is the nominee, we would support him.”

amy kremer on fox
Amy Kremer on Fox

When I first heard she said the Tea Party Express would back Romney, I was livid. I promptly fired off a scathing email, accusing her of selling us out to the Old Guard GOP (RINO). She responded, and we made arrangements to continue the discussion. Pleasantries aside, we got right to the heart of the matter.

She did not commit any support to Romney, or any candidate. So what did she say? Her opening statement was quite clear: the nominee would have received support of the tea party. With that said, Miss Pemmaraju restated her question, with Miss Kremer’s point already qualified; assuming Romney had made it through the primaries, “WE,” the tea party, would have already put him there.

Still, I was perturbed as to why she wouldn’t just say no to Romney, so I continued to press for his denouncement. She informed me of an agreement between her and CNN for the Tea Party Express to host the first ever Tea Party Debate. Being a principled person, and to maintain integrity of the debate by not alienating any GOP candidates and negatively affect viewership, she remained neutral to all candidates.

Prior to my discussion with Miss Kremer, I was very unhappy with her and intended to discontinue my support for the Tea Party Express. After the discussion I am still a Tea Party Express supporter. To my fellow conservative tea partiers who may remain skeptical, I assure you, Miss Kremer is in no way compromised.

Author’s Note:

We currently have a devout anti-American Marxist in the Oval Office. He does not respect our Constitution, does not respect nor understand the free market, and cares nothing about the well being of our country.

He estranges our allies and is intent on increasing our dependence on foreign energy. He led the charge in pushing through legislation for the largest slush fund in history, and is licking his chops to mangle the Second Amendment. He loathes individuality, self accountability, and personal achievement.

The social and economic decline of our country is a reflection of our President’s ethos.

Still, with his anti-traditional and anti-American ideology, he is the best thing that happened to this country. Like being inoculated with a disease, he has injected a heavy dose of socialism into the veins of our nation, giving birth to the tea party movement to resist his “fundamental changes.”

The Tea Party movement did not rise for us to give the established GOP confidence that we will give up and support any RINO presented to us as the front runner simply because we fear another term of Obama. We will vote with our principles this time around, and conservatism will triumph as it always does.

Amy Kremer is Co-Chairman of the Tea Party Express:

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