U.S. Killed 181 Insurgents- WikiLeaks Founder

Julian Assange’s, WikiLeaks founder, web site stirred up debates about classified information the public should/shouldn’t know.

“WikiLeaks aims to achieve political reforms by getting out information that has been suppressed to the public,” Assange explained to Voice of America.

WikiLeaks web site posted classified military documents spelling-out U. S. failures in Afghanistan.

The documents were first released to The New York Times, British daily, The Guardian and German magazine Der Spiegel. They point to a worse picture of the Afghan war than the official public account, and include information that Pakistan’s intelligence services have been helping the Taliban kill U.S. troops. Both ideas have been discussed in the past.

The report could put U. S. citizens in harm’s way, and hurt national security.

“We have with-held approximately 15,000 reports for further harm minimization process,” he informed. “We don’t see anything here that is of tactical significance. What we see is a lot of reports of evidentiary significance that describe the cut/thrust of the entire war over the last six years.”

President Obama found out about the posting of the documents last week, Robert Gibbs commented Monday- White House Press Secretary.

The public release of the information was “a breach of federal law,” Gibbs said.

“We authenticate everything,” Assange made-clear. “To our knowledge, we’ve never been wrong. There are no allegations by the rest of the press that we’ve been wrong. We’ve never lost a source through the process we go through.”