US Committed to Deploy Effective Missile Defenses

Under Secretary Ellen Tauscher for Arms Control and International Security today said the Obama administration is committed to deploying effective missile defenses.

At the Twelfth Royal United Services Institute (RUSI) Missile Defense Conference, Ms. Tauscher said the United States is also committed to European security.

“We see our missile defense deployments as a commitment to NATO’s effort to develop a territorial missile defense capability, and, more broadly, as part of our commitment to Article V and European Security.”Ms. Tauscher

She said that NATO’s decision to include a new mission of territorial defense at the Lisbon Summit transformed the efforts of the United States.

Ms. Tauscher said the United States is now deploying its missile defense assets in Europe in support of the NATO mission. She noted the system will provide its forces deployed in Europe, their families, and other NATO European Allies with a defense against the regional ballistic missile threat from the Middle East.

According to Ms. Tauscher, the United States has a series of bilateral agreements with host countries about basing its missile defense assets. She explained those deployments are seen as part of the larger NATO effort.

“There have been some comments that the United States is not committed to deploying our missile defense system in Europe. Some argue that 2015 and 2018 are so far in the future that the United States is not serious or that there is plenty of time for us to change our mind.”Ms. Tauscher

She said the U.S. government has proposed a number of tangible areas of cooperation. The American believes that missile defense cooperation is the best way to reassure Russia that current and planned U.S. or NATO missile defense capabilities will not be a threat to Russia’s strategic deterrent.

She said such cooperation can increase strategic stability and turn an area of past differences and disagreements into an area of cooperation.

“It has the potential to not only greatly enhance European security but international security as well.”Ms. Tauscher

Ms. Tauscher stressed that the United States is seeking cooperation with Russia, but it will not agree to any negotiated limitations on our missile defense programs.

She underscored that there’s a lot of work to do both on missile defense and preventing missile proliferation. She reiterated that the Obama Administration is committed to deploying effective missile defenses, including all four phases of our European missile defense plan.

“It is clear to all that the Obama Administration is committed to European security and that we see our missile defense activities as an important part of the efforts to enhance that security.”-Ms. Tauscher

Mina Fabulous
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