The Hellraisers Send a Soldiers’ Angel Beanie Babies

SA gets a special delivery of Beanie Babies from the troops


That was the title of Soldiers’ Angel, Amy Hammonds’ post this week. The reason? She had just received a special delivery from one of ‘her’ soldiers in Iraq. The delivery – from the Hellraisers as they are affectionately known – was what you see in the photo. Beanie babies, and LOTS of them. As Hammonds says in her post:

I’m smiling from ear to ear, but yet in shock, I’ve been an Angel since 2005 and I do what I do for MANY REASONS, but most of all because our troops deserve the love and support.

Amy Hammonds receives a shipment of Beanie Babies.
Special Delivery!

Over the years I have received emails, letters and card thanking me and a few other things. Whenever a soldier has ever said, “IF there is anything I can get you while I’m deployed, let me know,” and my answer is ALWAYS “there is something, it is that you return home SAFELY to your friends and family.”

Last week one of my soldiers IM’d me and told me he sent me something. I told him he didn’t need to, but it was too late he had already sent it.

I thought it was a card or something like that so when I went out to our mailman today, he said, “you have a care package,” I said, “ok I’ll take it”

He said, “its HUGE”

Amy Hammonds Of Soldiers Angels
Soldiers’ Angel

I said, “come on, really, a footlocker from my soldier and his team?”


I said, “a footlocker and I have direct orders that I open it and not my hubby.”

Well, I opened it and it was FILLED with 45 BEANIE BABIES and a Mother’s Day card that said “Even though you’re not our mom in body, but a surrogate adoptive one you have been, To the Soldiers’ Angels,” Thank you

[Courtesy of SA forum]

Hellraisers send Beanie Babies to Amy Hammonds at Soldiers Angels.
Beanie Babies from the Hellraisers

Got to love our troops – and I DO!

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