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Talking with Heroes Talk Show announces the guest list for the April 2, 2006 Show

Talking with Heroes interviews men and women in the military so they can share their experiences while serving and helping the people in Iraq, Afghanistan and in other areas of the world in which they serve. The Talking with Heroes Talk Show airs Live on Sunday evenings beginning at 5pm (PST) 8pm (EST).

Guests include leaders from military support groups who send care packages to our deployed men and women as well as helping them and their families here in America. Guests include companies, entertainers and others who help and support our troops.

Guests for April 1, 1006 are:

Chief Warrant Officer (CW2) Jared Jones currently serves as an AH-64A Apache helicopter attack pilot in the 1/211th AVN, Utah Army National Guard, following in the footsteps of his father who is also an Apache pilot. CW2 Jones says “Many people don’t realize that everyday civilians and soldiers are making a difference without weapons. Not just Americans, but civilians and soldiers from many countries, including Afghanistan.

They are building hospitals, orphanages, roads, and schools. They are giving out food, water, much needed clothing, and school supplies. They are providing free education and health care. His goal here at home is to create awareness and continue humanitarian aid through film. While in country he filmed from the ground and air, traveling to many villages, interacting with and helping the Afghan people. Using the 75+ hours of footage he captured while in Afghanistan, he is directing and producing a documentary about Afghanistan, which will benefit the non-profit organization Operation Enduring Hope: Afghanistan

Bennett Levin, in the fall of 2005, acted on his wife Vivian’s idea to revive the mid-20th century tradition of transporting dignitaries to the annual Army Navy game in Philadelphia. They brought 88 marines, sailors and soldiers wounded in Iraq and Afghanistan who were recovering at the Bethesda Naval Hospital and Walter Reed Army Medical Center. Some of the GIs were missing limbs. Others were wheelchair-bound or accompanied by medical personnel for the day. The Levins had the train…a historic and classic beauty that once served Presidents and royalty.

They recruited owners of 15 other sumptuous rail cars from around the country into lending their vehicles for the day and called it The Liberty Limited. Amtrak volunteered to transport the cars to D.C. where they were coupled together for the round-trip ride to Philadelphia to the Army/Navy Game where these heroes enjoyed themselves on the 50 yard line.

Chief Warren Officer (CW5) Layne S. Payce has 33 years total military service with 10 years Special Forces as medic on A Team; Flight School 1983; Apache Helicopter transition 1989. Deployed to Kuwait 2001 (during 9-11) then Deployed to Afghanistan Dec 2003 thru April 2005. In his civilian life he is the Battalion Fire Chief at Orem, Utah Department of Public Safety.

In Afghanistan our soldiers routinely visited the Egyptian hospital bringing boxes of coats, shoes, clothing and hygiene items our families shipped over thru the U.S. mail. The local Afghani’s were overjoyed when we handed out these items thru the Egyptian hospital. Thru Parwan PRT (Provisional Reconstruction Team) (U.S. Military unit responsible for Civil Affairs activities) they adopted two orphanages. Both had numerous girls and boys. They handed out truck loads of coats, shoes, clothing and various humanitarian items. The villagers said (almost a quote) “we would still be under the bondage of the Taliban if America would not help.”

They were able to help one 8 year old girl with needed eye surgery and 10 other children for surgery plus one adult to save his leg after the Taliban attempted to kill him by rolling a large bolder over him. Other Afghan people were helped with the aid of our soldiers, a support group, movie stars Chad and Shelby Everett, Loma Linda Children’s Hospitals, Jet Blue Airlines and much more. Hear these and other stories on Talking with Heroes April 2, 2006.

Ricky Lee, ( a singer from Pennsylvania who enjoys entertaining our troops will talk about his concert for the troops in Altoona, PA on April 29th with an emphasis on thanking our female soldiers. His new song “She’s An American Soldier” will air on this talk show and will be unveiled for the first time in a public concert at his Altoona, PA concert. Ricky Lee says “We each can contribute to the morale and ultimately the attitude each soldier embraces each day. She’s an American Soldier tells the story of real life experiences for families of female Soldiers. Supporting them in their role is extremely important.”

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Bob Calvert
Bob Calvert is the host of the Talking With Heroes radio talk show, that supports our troops, veterans, their families, the wounded, blue star families, gold star families and support groups. Bob has been to Iraq three times and once to Afghanistan, interviewing troops and locals. Contact Bob at NewsBlaze or at his website