‘Talking with Heroes’ Returns from Second Tour in Iraq

Bob Calvert, host of “Talking with Heroes” began the program on the internet a little over a year ago, to give our men and women in the military an opportunity to share their mostly untold stories about helping people in the areas in which they serve.

In October 2006, Calvert took the program over to Iraq. All of the interviews are currently archived on the website under the “Past shows/archives” section for all Americans to listen to. [“Talking with Heroes“]

Calvert’s Second Tour in Iraq

A few days ago, Calvert returned from his second tour in Iraq. Jim Martin, CEO of Altitude Sports and Entertainment from Denver, Colorado accompanied him. Altitude Network aired all the segments from the October interviews that were recorded in Iraq. The interviews recently completed in Iraq will also air on Altitude’s 10 State Cable Network as well as reach many subscribers to Dish Network and DirecTV.

Don’t miss this opportunity to watch our heroes talk about the progress being made in Iraq.

Calvert says “I can assure each of you that the training and mission in Iraq is in fact working and we will show you the proof in the interviews we did with an Iraqi Air Force General and his Colonel as well as over 40 military personnel with the Air Force, Marines and Minnesota National Guard.”

Everyone mentioned is also involved in the training of the Iraqi Air Force, the Iraqi Army and the Iraqi Police.

Bob Calvert had the privilege of being embedded for three days in Rawah, Iraq with the Marines and the Iraqi Police, living with them in the middle of Rawah.

Calvert says “We accompanied them on both daytime and nighttime convoys throughout the city and surrounding areas along the Euphrates River. We also accompanied the Marines on a foot patrol in Rawah. We spent time with the Minnesota National Guard Military Transition Team and the Iraqi Army. While there, we conducted an interview with a high-level military official within the Iraqi Army.”

Availabilty of Recordings

Before the end of January 2007, the complete set of interviews should be available on the “Talking with Heroes” website www.talkingwithheroes.com. Bob is currently working on ideas that will allow everyone involved with a website to be able to be able to link to these interviews from their own websites.

Next month, edited versions of the videos will air on Altitude Sports and Entertainment. Altitude is currently viewed by millions in 10 states along with some Dish Network and DirecTV subscribers. The footage that was filmed while accompanying the convoys throughout different areas of Iraq is truly amazing and not to be missed, if you have any question about what is going on over there.

Reconstruction Progress

While in Iraq, Calvert and Martin read the daily editions of Stars and Stripes and heard about other Iraqi towns where the Sheiks, Tribal Leaders and Iraqi Townspeople are working side by side with our men and women in the military to take control of their towns and cities. The reconstruction progress is expanding as well as the Iraqi Police and Army. Calvert has already been asked to come back in a couple of months to go to more cities where the insurgents are being rooted out.

“It is with great honor that we are able to interview our men and women and bring back to you, the American people, their mostly untold stories.” Calvert says.

The Main Second Iraq Tour webpage is now on TalkingwithHeroes.Com in the Talk Show schedule section. Most of the people interviewed are listed. The interviews are divided into one-hour segments for the Internet.

Sponsorship Availability

Any business or organization interested in helping “Talking With Heroes” continue its mission can sponsor one or more of these programs. You will receive high visibility by being one of the second Iraq talk show sponsors. At only $100 per page for the Second Iraq Talk Show, the sponsorship is extremely affordable for individuals and small businesses. You will be thanked at the top of the page where everyone will be able to see your ad as they go to listen to the shows. We will post your name, organization and website address.

Already listed on all of them is www.soldiersangels.org and www.anysoldier.com. Both of these organizations have helped tremendously on this Second Tour. This is a great high-visibility project and Bob says “We invite you to be part of this project as millions of Americans find out about these interviews.”

To become an online sponsor, you can go to the “Become a Sponsor” section and go to the level one or level two sponsorship order pages. Put the number of talk show pages you wish to be listed on.

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The numbers of people listening on Sunday nights to the “Talking with Heroes” Programs have consistently grown as many listeners have told others about the program. Now here is a chance to give millions of Americans the opportunity to hear the great work that has been done – and continues to be done in Iraq. The sacrifice being made by our men and women every day is incredible to watch and experience.

Thank a Family

Many of the military personnel, when speaking to Calvert asked him not to forget the families back home and the sacrifices they make every day that their loved ones are overseas. One of the talk shows discussed the extension of the Minnesota National Guard, which means many of them will have been away from their homes for over a year and a half.

Calvert ended by saying “I agreed to ask every American to thank a family. Whom do you know who has somebody serving in Iraq or Afghanistan or other area of the world? The soldiers thought it would be great if millions of families back home could get emails, phone calls and thanks in person for their sacrifice and service to our country.”

It is our responsibility as a country to support the hard work being done successfully by our brave men and women as well as the brave Iraqis.

Thank you for your support


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