Talking With Heroes From Eastern Kentucky and North Carolina

While in Afghanistan last month, I spoke to SPC Forester from Eastern Kentucky and SPC Harris from North Carolina.

SPC Forester served as a Police Officer for six years before he enlisted in the Army. SPC Forester talks about their time they served in FOB Kalagush in Afghanistan.

He also talks about the last month or so that they have been in FOB Hughie to set the foundation for a Combined Operation Center with the Afghanistan National Army. He talks about the importance of training the Afghan Army.

The mission until they return home is on the Afghan Army side with the ANA and also to help with the new troops who are coming in to replace the 4BCT 4ID.

SPC Forester also talks about care packages and letters from back home and what it has meant to them.

SPC Forester takes us inside the MWR on FOB Hughie. He describes what takes place in the MWR for our troops including books to read, getting on the internet and on the phone to communicate with family and friends back home.

We also talk with SPC Harris who is originally from North Carolina. He takes us inside some of the other MWR Facilities for our troops.

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Bob Calvert
Bob Calvert is the host of the Talking With Heroes radio talk show, that supports our troops, veterans, their families, the wounded, blue star families, gold star families and support groups. Bob has been to Iraq three times and once to Afghanistan, interviewing troops and locals. Contact Bob at NewsBlaze or at his website