New Equipment for Iraqi Archeologists

Polish soldiers provided computers and specialist equipment for Iraqi students at the archaeology faculty, in Diwaniyah University, Iraq.

The new equipment will help students with their scientific research. This project was undertaken to support the process of protecting Iraqi historical monuments.

Thanks to MultiNational Division Central-South, in the beginning of 2006, the archaeology department of the University in Ad Diwaniyah city received 25 computers and a satellite internet server. Equipment was provided to laboratories including measurement apparatus and a power generator.

The MultiNational Division says around one hundred Iraqi archeology students will benefit from this project.

In previous projects, Polish soldiers supported Iraqi archeology police responsible for protecting historical monuments. They provided special containers, patrol cars, communication devices and equipment to secure archeological places.

Since the beginning of the mission in Iraq, MNDCS soldiers have completed about 100 projects to protect Iraq’s historical monuments.

polish soldiers deliver supplies in ad diwaniyah
Polish soldiers deliver supplies to people in Ad Diwaniyah.

Source: Multi-National Division Central-South, Iraq

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