Is US Secretly Transferring Stockpile of ‘Yellowcake’ From Iraq to Canada?

Yellowcake in Hussein’s Intentions

Iraq is not as harmless as it once seemed. Hussein had, and was acquiring more WMDs, than the mainstream media wanted to tell the general public. After all the media’s appeasement claims to escalating Iraqi violence, certain items of information were precluded from the public eye.

CBS News had revealed the US secretly transferred a stockpile of yellowcake from Iraq to Canada. Its clandestine nature was for keeping it from terrorists’ hands-or Iran’s. The operation took a year to synchronize, and three months to execute. The US military carried 3,500 barrels of yellowcake by road from Tuwaitha (nuclear complex 12m South of Baghdad), then flew them on 37 flights to an atoll (Indian Ocean), then loaded them aboard a Montreal-bound US ship.

Kerbela Hussein Moschee
Millions of Shia Muslims gather around the Husayn Mosque in Karbala after making the Pilgrimage on foot during Arba’een. Arba’een is a forty day period that commemorates the martyrdom of Husayn bin Ali, grandson of the Prophet Muhammad, and seventytwo of his followers at the Battle of Karbala in the year 680AD.

Canadian firm Cameco had the yellowcake enriched for energy use, and it was sold to power plant operators. It totaled 550 metric tons – all from Hussein’s nuclear program. This “yellowcake” is the seed material for higher-grade nuclear enrichment. The removal helped finally close the books on Saddam’s nuclear legacy.

All of this was confirmed in 500 Tons of Uranium Yellowcake Moved From Iraq … Truth or Fiction. Hussein had later tried to purchase more yellowcake from Niger [Bush’s 1/03 “SOTU”], but it was never consummated.

Iraq has no nuclear power generating plants, so Hussein’s plans were only with nuclear weapon enrichment.

Bush Had Successful Strategy

No Democrat, nor media member, has ever explained how the threat of a resurgent al Qaeda is increased by a known date of a hasty US withdrawal. Neither can they explain how the situation improves once the Iranians obtain nuclear weapons.

From retired Major General Jerry Curry: “The press beat him to death for the last several years, and now it turns out that, yes, there were weapons of mass destruction….” He also maintains Hussein always had an active nuclear program. Curry said Bush should be commended for keeping mum about the yellowcake, and keeping terrorists in the dark.

General Petraeus’ “surge strategy” had been working in Iraq. The goals announced were being achieved. The New York Times unwillingly admitted the “surge strategy” was working. By running an op-ed by Michael O’Hanlon and Kenneth Pollack, the NYT mentioned how strategic it was for previously barbaric Al Anbar to be transformed into a model for Iraq.

Obama Gives Intentions to al-Qaeda

But President Obama has now moved all troops from Iraq. We currently have 84,000 troops in Afghanistan. A number Obama plans to reduce to 68,000 before the presidential election. He also announced he would withdraw all US forces from Afghanistan by 2014.

Obama counts on the UN to keep Iran from having atomic weapons. Eight days after Defense Secretary Leon Panetta told Israeli Benjamin Netanyahu: “we will not allow them to develop a nuclear weapon,” Israel’s Defense Ministry claimed Obama had a new intelligence estimate showing Iranians making “significant and surprising progress toward a military nuclear capability.”

In a report from London last September, England had decided to withdraw most of its UK troops from Iraq by spring. This was a poorly kept secret in Baghdad. The report discussed slow political progress there, but steady improvement in local governance and security, despite Iranian interference.

Bin Laden Pre-Death Instructions

From Col. Oliver North’s experience from 8 trips to Iraq, you won’t find reality in Iraq on the newspapers’ front pages, or in the lead stories of broadcast news. He explained: 1) there has been enormous US antipathy toward Bush, and 2) there was very few Western journalists outside Baghdad’s “Green Zone” to see the real picture.

North described how lead stories rarely mention the perseverance and courage of American troops and Iraqi peers; how many new schools, hospitals and police stations were opened; and clean water and sanitation made accessible.

In his NYT [5/4/12] article [Osama bin Laden (19572011) The New York Times], correspondent Peter Baker described unknown details. It describes recently found Bin Laden’s letters that enunciate how much pressure drones gave al-Qaeda in the Pakistani border areas. They dictate how his instructions were not always heeded to his satisfaction. Bin Laden’s closest confidant (Atiyya), was also killed in a drone strike.

Letters also noted the name Al-Qaeda, was Arabic for ‘The Base’. He ordered assassination attempts on the president, and Petraeus. Killing Obama would promote “VP” Joe Biden, whom he called “utterly unprepared.” Bin Laden’s conclusion was “the killing of Petraeus would have a serious impact on the course of the war.”

Obama’s Seeds of Ill-Content

In Iraq, American blood and valor secured something unique in the Islamic world-it never had a freely elected representative government before now.

Few understand Americans fought a long and difficult fight-not for gold, oil or land-but to offer all citizens’ freedom’s hope.

Now, Petraeus is gone. Terrorists know all American plans for the Mideast. Any offensive they mount would no longer be defensive. Homeland Security Secretary Michael Chertoff related his “gut feeling” a major terrorist event against the US was imminent.