‘Iran: The Ticking Bomb’ TV Documentary

Congressional Candidate to share counter-terrorism expertise in startling new expose on dangers posed by terrorist nation

Fourth congressional district candidate Eric Egland features in the Fox News documentary, “Iran: The Ticking Bomb” premiering this weekend on Fox News Channel. A nationally recognized counter-terrorism expert, Egland discusses his on-the-ground experiences with the deadly roadside bomb networks from Iran, while he served as part of a Pentagon task force in a civilian counter-terrorism advisory role in support of U.S. forces in Iraq.

Major Egland is featured in the documentary along with other national security experts including John Bolton. Having served on active duty as a weapons of mass destruction proliferation intelligence officer, Egland will also discuss Iran’s desire for nuclear weapons and their ability to use terrorist proxies such as Hezbollah to carry out attacks.

troops. Photo c/o Eric Egland.

“Iran: The Ticking Bomb” will air Saturday evening on the Fox News Channel at 9 pm Eastern / 6 pm Pacific, and will re-air on Sunday at 3 pm Eastern / Noon Pacific.

Eric Egland is the author of the nationally-acclaimed book “The Troops Need You, America” that explained the changes needed for a more effective U.S. strategy in Iraq. The book specifically calls for more effective action against the deadly Iranian networks that continue to kill increasing numbers of U.S. soldiers and Marines.

Egland also founded Troops Need You, a charity that continues the American wartime tradition of mobilizing citizens directly in support of our troops. A recognized expert in national security, Major Egland has appeared on Fox News, CNN, MSNBC’s Hardball and Tucker, CSPAN, NPR and the Hugh Hewitt show.

Watch a preview of “Iran: The Ticking Bomb” here

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