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.” ..Our strength is together…”

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Debbie Gregory describes the website as a portal of all things military: a one-stop place for all sorts of resources, from employment, to benefits, to other programs available to the military.

The organization recently added information on thousands of scholarships for the military, designed to make it easier for military men and women to connect with education.

Not a non-profit themselves, Militaryconnection works with non-profits – such as Soldiers’ Angels – to facilitate connections between advertisers and organizations such as Soldiers’ Angels. She works as a team with Soldiers’ Angels and says: “When you join forces, we can do amazing things together.” is based in California.

Bob Calvert, host of the Talking With Heroes radio show, previously only had telephone conversations with Debbie. At the Soldiers’ Angels Executive Leadership Conference, in Pasadena, California, Bob was pleased to meet Debbie face-to-face for the first time. Their interview together is recorded on the video above and will be played on the Talking With Heroes radio show, on Stardust Radio, Sunday, 30th March 2008.

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