Dar Al-Zahra Orphanage Offers Hope for The Widows and Orphans in Basra


The price of constant warfare is very expensive. It is paid for with the blood and lives of those engaged in it, but also by innocent civilians left in the wake of battle. Many die, and some children are left with no family. Mothers must find ways to care for their children and to repair their broken lives.

There is, sometimes a bright ray of hope that shines on the best of mankind’s virtues.

A light is shining on some of the orphans and widows in Iraq’s southern province of Basra. The light comes from Dar Al-Zahra, an orphanage and school established by Dr. Wathib Salman Al A’mood. Dr. Al A’mood is an Iraqi native who has returned to Iraq. In the early ’80’s, he was exiled from Iraq and immigrated to Great Britain.

Falah Hassan, the senior cultural advisor for United States Division – South and retired major general (pilot) of the Iraqi Air Force says “The orphanage covers the entire district of Basrah, taking care of the health of children both in and outside of the orphanage. We’ve been asked to bring children’s books, reading books, drawing supplies for the kids, medical supplies for the clinic; any kind of items they might need, such as blankets, sheets, pillows and such.”

The children are being cared for, and they are attending school, where they can read, write and play.

While it is often said that nothing good is happening, there is small continued progress being made in Iraq, by soldiers and civilians.

Happy New Year!