What is Fake News Vs. Artificial News?

Because the term “Fake News” can be used even to discredit legitimate news, a way to get the real news to the public had to be developed. When terms like fake news are floating around the internet, it is hard to distinguish the real from the fake.

But the creative thinkers of Black Syientology have developed a way to sneak legitimate news through the back door. They have developed what they call “Artificial News” a term that means just what it sounds like.

But just to be clear, the word Artificial means – something made to seem like something real, an exact copy, displaying all the characteristics of something real.

Now this may sound like just another word for fake news, but it is actually another word for real. And it is so much like the real thing, it is virtually indistinguishable unless you are told otherwise.

So to Free the News which is being held hostage from the public by the term Fake News, Black Syientologists have transformed their twitter page into the first Artificial News Outlet.

Connect With Them Here: @ https://twitter.com/kingmuhammad1

This experiment is supposedly designed to reveal to the public that Fake News is actually Real News. And bogus news is now masquerading as legitimate news while misinforming the entire world.

But how will we know the difference unless we get a taste of something real, or as close to real as possible? This is the dilemma that these creative minds have taken upon themselves to resolve, even if Donald Trump gets pissed.

Black Syientologists are out to prove that .. Even Artificial News Can Be Real …. See for yourself !


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Alan Gray
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