David Fights Goliath and Wins Big for Legal Clients

David Fights Goliath and Wins Big for Legal Clients 1When an attorney has been practicing law for over 25 years, usually they have amassed a record that speaks to their ability. With lawyers who are involved in litigation, like Thomas J. Henry, his firm of over 100 attorneys has made a difference in the lives of a multitude of people.

Henry has built his practice to work on behalf of the underdog, increasing his practice areas so that some of the most vulnerable members of society can receive compensation and assistance from the large firms responsible for their pain, suffering, or critical major disabilities – or death.

Awards and Applause

Sometimes it’s hard to quantify results for lawyers. For trial attorneys, measurements are shown in large awards for medical malpractice, child brain injuries, nursing home neglect, product recalls, trucking accidents, and automobile manufacturer negligence. The results are undeniable when a person or class action group receives a large settlement.

Thomas J. Henry Law has been applauded for its success repeatedly. They are a part of the elite 1 percent of trial lawyers who are members of the Multi-Million Dollar Advocates Forum. These tallies represent work on behalf of clients whose lives have been helped.

In July, 2016, Forbes Magazine recognized Thomas J. Henry as a “Texas leader in law.” The special recognition in Forbes is just one of many accolades Thomas J. Henry and his firm received for their work. Newsweek named Thomas J. Henry Law one of the “10 best injury attorneys in 2014” and “Premier Law Firm of 2016.”

Big Results Hold Giant Firms Accountable

In 2014, General Motors lost a major suit for which they were held responsible for serious injuries and deaths due to their defective ignition switches. The defective switches could cut out while the car was being driven, leaving drivers and passengers vulnerable.

General Motors delayed a recall of the defective models for over 10-years from when the ignition defect was discovered until recalls were enforced. This caused the deaths of more than 300 people.

While pharmaceutical companies invest millions in testing and marketing drugs, the results after millions of prescriptions are taken can sometimes result in frightening results. A very common drug used for pain, Darvocet, was prescribed for over 30 years. Now, it’s linked with heart arrhythmia.

Thomas J. Henry and his staff challenge the giants, working to give each of their clients a chance for compensation when injuries and deaths of loved ones have disrupted their lives. After 25 years of representing the plaintiffs, the injured parties, Thomas J. Henry Law has earned its positive reputation.

David Fights Goliath and Wins Big for Legal Clients 2Motivations that Make the Work Matter

Thomas J. Henry, although a founder of a large firm, thinks about the individuals who he and his staff represent and their personal situation. When you bring it down to individuals, it is hard to ignore the just cause that they are representing.

Henry becomes “emotionally invested in cases where [he is] representing children who have sustained catastrophic injuries where we were able to provide care for them for their entire lives, even if their parents should pass away.”

Giving Back and Changing the World

Thomas J. Henry has made a point of reaching out to the communities that he serves to give back. He sees the people he works for as individuals and works to make a difference for them and their cities.

Some of the recipients of his and his firm’s philanthropic work include the American Red Cross, American Cancer Society, American Kidney Foundation, and Special Olympics. The ­firm hosts Bark in the Park, a community event that raises thousands of dollars for local pet charities. Schools, Boys and Girls Club, a women’s shelter, veterans’ causes, and many others have benefitted from Thomas J. Henry’s desire to give back. And, for the past 20 years, it has provided Thanksgiving turkeys to thousands of families in Texas.

With the catastrophic situations that Henry and his firm deal with and the many people whose lives are affected, connecting with their communities on a personal level relates them to the normal events of life. Keeping a perspective and maintaining a sense of the value of human life allows Thomas J. Henry and his firm to serve and be a part of the neighborhood.

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