World’s Most Decorated Natural Body Builder Uses Ancient Biblical Principles

World Class bodybuilder and renown nutritionist Ron Williams has applied ancient Biblical principles with 25 years of perfecting nutrition, scripture, exercise and prayer in developing a unique program where permanent fat loss is 100% effective. Williams, an expert in exercise physiology and nutrition and the most decorated natural bodybuilder in the world, has documented how to permanently lose fat through spiritual and physical transformation in his groundbreaking book Faith and Fat Loss.

“God’s way to permanent fat loss is 100% effective. God’s part is to supply the knowledge, give you the ability and the discipline, and complete your spiritual and physical transformation,” says Williams, winner of over 200 natural bodybuilding competitions and the sole recipient of the Naturalbody Builder of the Decade Award. “Your part is to accept the knowledge and the ability, and to apply the discipline that God has given you as you proceed on the journey to achieve permanent, spiritual and physical fat loss.”

Upon becoming a Christian in his early twenties, Williams’ aspiration to be like Christ led him in a comprehensive study on diet and nutrition, using the word of God as a guide and science and history to validate principles found in scripture. It was in this study that God released revelation concerning biblical nutritional principles that would benefit all people. Williams’ passion in life has become helping others meet their spiritual and physical needs through implementing the Faith and Fat Loss Program.


“Being overweight is only an outward manifestation of a deeper issue,” says Williams. “Whether it is an emotional trauma, a past hurt, or simply not having correct information, the root of the problem needs to be addressed before permanent fat loss occurs.”

Williams has discovered the key to permanent fat loss encompasses seven areas: Accurate knowledge; Soul surviving; the Power of 21; the Diet and Nutritional Eating Plan; The Spiritual Eating Plan; Physical exercise; and Spiritual exercise. In Faith and Fat Loss, Williams explains in detail these seven areas and relays an empowering comprehensive program where readers can transform their spiritual and physical lives using modern knowledge and ancient Biblical principles. To learn more about Ron Williams visit

Ron Williams has won over 200 natural bodybuilding titles and is an expert on nutrition, fat loss and fitness. Williams has authored More than 21 Simple Ways to Lose Body Fat and the groundbreaking fat loss book Faith and Fat Loss.

Williams is the creator of Synergy for Life, the revolutionary complete lifestyle program that is helping people across the nation lose body fat. Williams, a professor of exercise physiology and nutrition, has taught his practical application of fat loss to thousands of people.

Williams is the sole recipient of the “Natural Bodybuilder of the Decade” award and is seven-time winner of Mr. Natural Universe and Mr. Natural Olympia and the six-time winner of Mr. Natural World. His passion to change the condition of obesity and its effects on humanity led him to make the decision to duplicate himself by developing a personal training certification. There are now Certified Ron Williams Trainers across the country training and teaching this message of permanent fat loss.

Ron speaks to organizations; such as, schools, athletic teams, corporations, and churches to give seminars and workshops on exercise, diet and nutrition and Biblical and faith-based concepts. He also conducts the Ron Williams National Training Certification and focal-point training seminars.

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