Norwegian Perspective: Women Regret a One-night Stand More Often Than Men

Women Not Happy After Casual Sex, Men Regret Saying ‘No”

A new study by Norwegian researchers revealed that most women regretted agreeing to a one night stand compared to men.

What about men?

Though men and women have different “morning after” experiences, the study found that most men regretted passing up the chance more than women.

These new findings coincide with a previous American study.

This new study was spearheaded by Norwegian researchers in collaboration with evolutionary psychologist David Buss of the University of Texas at Austin.

Norwegian Point of View

The study participants consisted of 263 students aged 19 to 37 years. All had at least one one-night stand behind them.

To probe further the assertion that women regretted that they agreed to a one-night stand more often than men and the reason behind the variation of feeling between sexes with regards to one night stands, Kennair and Associate Professor Mons Bendixen conducted a new study in Norway.

The researchers found exactly the same pattern in Norway as was found in the U.S.

One interesting finding pointed out that a larger proportion of women than men regretted the last time they had casual sex. Compared to men, with 20% saying they regretted the one night affair, the researchers found that around 35 per cent of women said they regretted the casual sex.

Aside from that, a majority of women are also less unequivocally happy about the experience, garnering 30% percent of women respondents.

A woman after the casual sex or one night stand.
A woman after the casual sex or one night stand.

Some Explanations

Finding more explanations on these prevailing results, the researcher pointed out that gender and evolution have something to do with how one feels after a one night stand.

As for gender differences, women worry more than men generally, and they worry about more than just casual sex. As Kennair suggests, men do more stupid things that they die from and fewer women do these stupid things.

Aside from that, women may worry about pregnancy concerns, STD infections and getting a bad reputation.

But there’s more to it. The researchers ruled that aside from gender, evolution psychology has something to with the varying feeling of both sexes in the aftermath of casual sex.

Consider This!

The study results support theories of parental investment and sexual strategy: men and women have throughout invested differently in their relationships and any children that resulted.

In general, both men and women have an aim to pass genes on to the next generation as effectively as possible. This is the ultimate biological goal for everyone.

However, men consider quantity over quality. This has been the main strategy for men in general. Interestingly, the researchers found that men’s sexual psychology is highly attuned to sexual opportunities. The feeling of regret dominates men over missed sexual opportunities.

What about women?

Women see it differently. Partner quality matters to them. Aside from that, women have so much to lose and are more idealistic compared to men. These things entail female choice that include deciding when, where, and with whom to have sex. The researchers consider these things the most fundamental principle of women’s sexual psychology.

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