Thriving on Less – Focus on the Essentials

“The ability to simplify means to eliminate the unnecessary so that the necessary may speak.” – Hans Hofmann

Life is practical rather than theoretical, even though science speaks about experimentation and observations those all are about materials and their responses to the specific conditions set by humans. Where as the human body mechanism is different, straight away from the mothers womb there are so many materials that what we take in, of course this the case with every life.

It is difficult to say which particular element is lacking. Each and every body has different responses for the same inputs. But there may be some commonness, but we can not categorize unlike in material systems, where the behaviour can be predicted to some extent mostly.

Here where the spirituality takes care of the body, unless we observe our own internal body mechanisms closely we may not be able to express where exactly the problem is, then only the respective doctor or physician can work out.

What he/she can observe is only the response and not exactly what is happening to that particular mechanism. Here what I meant to say that unless we observe our own body mechanism e may not be able to reap benefits of modern sciences. Even the doctors can work out on spiritual observations on people to find out pulse rate and temperature of that mechanism by close observations which are not possible by analytical methods.

Here where the nadi pariksha (close examination of nerves) takes care. One has to observe more closely to get those minute changes; this can be possible only by those minds which can observe even very minute changes in the body and its response to a given condition. This is attained only by positive energy in the body of both the patient and practitioner.

Every thing depends on how ones mind set, then the body. A person who depends on the spiritual nature will always follow a well disciplined life but a very simplistic and natural life.

Nowadays there is no time for anything as the life has become more and mechanical, as the specialists in the various fields increased the number of problems also became more and more that humans are facing.

In order to reduce these problems one has to take sufficient time to go back the human nature of living that is ART-OF-LIVING, it should become PART-OF-LIVING, then a well defined and more disciplined life and more natural body one has, which can cope up the present day needs and means.

This in turn reduces the stress on the body, mind and also a way of life, where there is no scope for negative thinking, which has caused so many problems on this earth.

Think ones again we are all first of all HUMANS, living on this earth, by circumstances have born at different places at different times, all others are only for the identification only, we all can speak, if one tries can understand also any language, but what we need is half loaf of bread, a place to have shelter and some water to drink. Then what else we need, Are we going to take all those materials after which we have spent so much time and taken all steps and paths to posses, no I do not think so, even we can not take this body with us.

Only people or generations together remember us until unless we do well for the society. Probably may be praised in love & affection. Only the anti-socials are hated and not praised. Hence, unless culturally and socially we are united we can not understand each others needs or desires. Just take positively we can build the Nation and world again free terrorism and unruly people to highly democratic and where people can thrive in peace, harmony and serenity.