The Orgasmic Effect Book Review

The myriad of self-help books available cover a wide variety of topics for every aspect of our lives. Offering solutions for countless problems on relationships with partners, parents, children and even pets; Others tell us how to get what we want from life be it money, love, weight loss, quitting an addiction getting a better job, new career or accessing our inner child en route for a happier more fulfilling adult life.

Then there are the books offering solutions to our sexual problems from achieving more orgasms to longer lasting ones and various ways to please ourselves, each other and shedding inhibitions to do the above comfortably and with confidence.

Tatiana O’Pers book The Orgasmic Effect is distinctive in the way Tatiana explores all of the above subjects and more, using one powerful tool; our own sexual energy, importantly Tatiana highlights the difference between the sexes and how we perceive each other, what makes us tick and what gets us hot under the collar.

Tatiana OPer The Orgasmic Effect
Book cover the Orgasmic Effect

One important fact of life apart from men and women should be afforded the same respect in all aspects of life, is that men and women are different! We experience things differently, we think in a different way and it’s those variances that attract us. Genetically we are not that much different from caveman days, when a woman would choose a mate for his strength and ability to provide food and shelter, our caveman would likewise choose his mate for her ability to nurture, bear him children and so secure the future of his clan.

This is something Tatiana details in her book, unlike other self-help books the main focus in The Orgasmic Effect is on the male, specifically, how he can achieve full body orgasms similar to a woman’s, she explains in an easy to understand language how blocked energy stands in our way of feeling good on a daily basis, and that sexual energy is something too harness for use in every aspect of our lives, once we learn how to switch it on and not associate that energy with sex only.

In easy to digest chapters the book covers subjects like, why men use climax to de-stress and why they often want sex soon after, as well as explaining the male fascination for pornography. Chapters discussing fantasy role play, cleanliness, communicating your needs and understanding your partners as well as interesting information on why more men than women turn to booze, drugs, gambolling and adult services for stress relief.

Tatiana says, “The book is divided into chapters on how to take care of every part of your life, and can be used as a reference handbook for enhancement of health and longevity” The one thing that really comes across when talking to Tatiana is her total commitment to passing her knowledge on to help others. Testimonies from clients that have attended her clinic are glowing in their thanks, but look no further than the photograph of Tatiana, in her 60’s, for proof that learning how to use sexual energy can improve your own health and wellbeing.

Tatiana also runs workshops and individual sessions she says, “My workshops are about how we can better use our energy, how we can switch this energy on, not just for sex but to release stress, anxiety and to drop weight….all easy, when you have the key….males however are so disconnected, they only understand energy via a sexual experience, but when I combine the health and fitness aspect with prolonging stamina in the bedroom, this is when I have their attention”

The Orgasmic Effect book launch-Come and meet Tatiana on the 30th April from 6-8pm at the Ariel Bookshop-42 Oxford Street Paddington.

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