Salt Therapy Used to Treat Chronic Illness

Salt therapy is taking Lafayette, Indiana by storm. This innovative therapy is aimed at treating the chronic health issues as well as seasonal allergies.

The innovative salt therapy is the brainchild of Jane Cochran, a massage therapist and nurse. In March 2017, Jane started her very own Peace by Peace Massage Therapy, 2529 Schuyler Ave. Before this venture, she worked as a nurse for more than 12 years.

According to Jane, salt therapy involves the use of Pakistani salt for the treatment of chronic illness and seasonal allergies.

Jane Cochran wanted to introduce something new and ingenious that has no side-effects. With the aim in mind, she began researching the alternative medicine techniques and discovered Halotherapy.

Jane explains salt therapy or Halotherapy as a process that incorporates the use of a special machine that disseminates dry, micronized salt into the air to simulate the effects similar to that of being in an authentic salt cave. A special pharmaceutical grade salt is used for the purpose. The amount of salt diffused in the air is well-controlled. The machine is called as a Halogenerator. The Halogenerator doles out a specific amount of micronized salt in the air, to treat chronic issues including dermatological and pulmonary problems.

Jane Cochran is a firm believer in the fusion of holistic and traditional medicine. She says that none of these approaches is right or wrong. Incorporating a little from both approaches is a sure shot way to get the best results.

During her research on Halotherapy facilities in Indiana, Jane faced a lot of problems in finding the alternatives with Halogenerator. She managed to find two passive salt caves with a salt floor along with salt wall paneling. The “Halo room” founded by her has the Halogenerator machine.

Jane elaborates that once the patient enters the Halotherapy room that is dimly lit, he or she is exposed to the special micronized salt. A little pathway fabricated out of salt slates leads the patient. The room contains around twenty 50-pound bags of coarse, gravel-like Pakistani salt.

Cochran refrains from making any big claim pertaining to the passive form of the salt therapy, though she boasts about the peaceful and relaxed atmosphere of the room. She believes that this therapy is a boon in the areas of healing wellness and stress management. She offers the credit to Halogenerator for making her therapy stand out amongst the other passive forms of salt therapy.

Halogenerator gulps down the pharmaceutical grade, micronized salt and grind it finely. The machine then disperses this fine salt into the air. The monitor keeps an eye on the amount of salt present in the air. When the patient inhales the dry salt or when it comes in contact with the skin, healing is initiated.

Cochran caters to patients suffering from asthma, allergies, bronchitis, sinus infections, and cystic fibrosis. Patients complaining of seasonal allergies also commonly seek salt therapy from Jane.

The room is adjusted according to the needs and condition of the client. Anyone who is looking forward to this exhilarating Halotherapy can consult with Cochran. Patients can take the salt therapy in conjunction with the various massages offered at Glasgow.

Jane mentions that being a nurse has always helped her. She cannot offer medical advice but she can always monitor the contradicting factors (if any) in the clients receiving the therapy. She always advises her patients to discuss their fears and worries and lets them decide if they want to try the salt therapy or not.

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