Pigs Tortured in the Name of Medical Education – There is a Better Way!

Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine in Baltimore, MD is one of the last schools to use live animals for surgical training.

Tell the Dean of Johns Hopkins to stop teaching cruelty to animals and start teaching compassionate medicine!

One of their heartless practices involves anesthetizing pigs and cutting into their bodies with scalpels while they are still alive.

When the class is over, the poor creatures are killed and their bodies end up in waste disposal bags.

It’s time for every single medical school to stop inflicting pain and suffering on defenseless animals and start using human-focused or computer simulated teaching alternatives!

Last year the American Medical Student Association passed a resolution encouraging non-animal alternatives in medical education. Already, more than 90 percent of schools have eliminated live animal labs from their curricula altogether. Urge Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine to follow suit >>

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