Obama Calls for Action on ‘One Campaign’s World AIDS Day’

GHI Executive Director Lois Quam today reported that U.S. President Obama called for action during the ‘One Campaign’s World AIDS Day’ at the gathering in Washington.

“The event paid tribute to the progress the world is making the US in the lead on AIDS.” -Mr. Quam

He said the highlight of the morning was a speech by President Obama where he challenged the US and the rest of the world to make an AIDS free generation a reality.

A wide view of the General Assembly HighLevel Meeting on HIV/AIDS, as the summit adopts a Political Declaration on HIV/AIDS to intensify efforts to eliminate HIV/AIDS. UN Photo/JC McIlwaine

He noted that the members of the Global Health Initiative hear the President’s call from Washington to Nepal and beyond.

“We will continue our work to help make the vision of an AIDS Free Generation a reality.” -Mr. Quam

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