IVF in India The Way Forward!

Science, politics and worldwide laws surrounding childbirth can be a mine field in most countries, opting for surrogacy and adoption process and in some refuse completely to even advertise help in starting a family, but no country is it more legal to become pregnant wither by natural or medical procedure to then return to your country. In India, upon further research I found myself surrounded by facts and the most popular and stand out success story was a Dr. Anoop Gupta of Delhi India IVF fertility research centre.

With achievements such as over 200 babies in the last 3 years, its hard not to be astonished by the record, and this is just one of the many feats the website boasts, the fertility centre even hosts its own embryo bank to secure eggs in case of failure. The team even claims even post menopausal women too, can become mothers again. The site also offers egg donation to females who do not ovulate and with over 250 surrogate births since 2008.

Dr. Anoop Gupta’s medical team first delivered it’s first test tube baby in 1994 and since the first IVF-ICSI (Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection) baby later in 1998. With advancements in this area the fertility team can clearly be seen as one of the more advanced sites in Delhi.

Surrogacy is even offered under the same roof by DR Gupta’s hospital, and at the sweet price of 12,000 US dollar thats a massive difference compared to the US where rates are of up to $70,000 saving the potential parents a whooping $58,000.

“India is foremost in surrogacy because of the low cost treatment and ready availability of women opting to be surrogate for childless foreigners. By some estimates surrogacy in India is already $445 million business.” As mentioned on the very website of Delhi IVF fertility research centre, but does this mean that surrogacy is just a new way for cheap manipulation of breeding for low price? I personally don’t think so, It could be months even years for some families and without the financial ramifications of failed attempts, this seems perfect suite to anyone wanting to start a family.

Any possibly parents would be wise to look in to this method, only due to the rising costs of raising a child for the families that are unable to conceive naturally, this wouldn’t break the bank (that much) and with a 60% success rate, this could be a glimmer of hope for anyone who is trying to build a family.

More information on this can be found here: http://www.delhi-ivf.com/index.html

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