Importance of Strong Abs for Runners

It turns out that having fab abs isn’t just a perk of being a fitness-conscious runner, it’s important for runners who’re serious about reaching their peak. Running is just part of being a solid runner. There are other muscle groups that require attention to help runners finish stronger in their next race. To be a better runner, athletes need strong abs.

There are great resources available online to help runners develop a six-pack in 30 seconds a day. “It’s time to lose weight, get rid of belly fat and strengthen your core to develop a sculpted, toned stomach with the 30-day ab challenge,” according to the popular Strong to the Core website.

What Do Strong Abs Do For Runners?

For those who have no clue what that means in terms of changing their exercise regime, here’s a primer. Strong abs assist with:

  • Better running economy: For runners who want to go faster, it’s essential to spend more time working on their core. When someone has stronger abs, they expend less energy on stabilizing muscles and can run much more efficiently. This is because it takes less effort for the muscle groups to cooperate in a way that optimizes an athlete’s performance.
  • Reduce injuries: A misaligned pelvis often results in injuries to the hips and other areas. A stronger core keeps the pelvis strong and ensures that it stays in place. In this case, it requires less help from other muscle groups and that energy is conserved.
  • Improve balance: Having good balance helps runners recover after a misstep. This is important for those who are a bit klutzy anyway.

Strong Abs and Other Healthy Habits

There’s no magic bullet to becoming the perfect runner. For example, it doesn’t matter how strong someone’s core is if they aren’t giving their body the right fuel.

“Fitness in combination with a balanced and controlled diet can bring us all to amazing results. I believe that our emotional state is very connected to our physical condition and should not be neglected for a moment. A lifestyle full of joy, health and correct decisions – so I chose to live my life,” according to personal trainer Avital Schechter.

Taking a holistic approach to athletic training is the best way for long-lasting results. Of course, having awesome abs has it’s own perks.

Melissa Thompson
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