If You’re Going Bald, This Might Cheer You Up

Hair loss affects up to sixty-six percent of men by the age of 35. And male pattern baldness is one of the leading causes of waning libido in men over 35 years of age.

However, research has found bald men are tougher, more dominant and more powerful than their counterparts. Having a shaved head also makes adults appear taller and stronger, according to researchers from the University of Pennsylvania. There are health benefits too.

Balding Men See Differences in Health

Men who start going bald at a young age are up to 45 per cent less likely to fall victim to prostate cancer later in life, researchers from the University of Washington found. Sperm volume count was nearly 60 per cent lower in men with moderate to severe hair loss, scientists found. Other research found those who lose their hair while they are young may be less fertile.

The options for hair loss restoration available are not all that breathtaking. A wig or toupee, of course, is always available; but they’ve been the butt of so many jokes that most men are not interested. The FDA is testing more than a dozen so-called hair restoration creams and ointments right now – but whether they’ll ever be approved, or are even any good, remains to be seen. Hair plug technology is pretty decent, but expensive. And the transplanted hair will sometimes just fall right out again.

That leaves a tattoo of thousands of hair follicles right on top of the denuded head. Sound silly? Maybe. But it actually looks good, even up close.

This technique is known as scalp micropigmentation (SMP). Like getting inked, pigment is permanently etched into the skin, but SMP is much more specialized (like these tattoos for facial scarring). So, don’t just walk into a tattoo shop asking for this! Hairlines, hair loss patterns, and hair color are all taken into serious consideration before the procedure takes place. The end result looks like stubble growing on a freshly shaved head.

Scalp Pigmentation Growing in the US

Several hair loss specialists all over the United States now offer this scalp pigmentation. It gives the appearance of a severe buzz cut, not the curse of being bald as a billiard ball. Done professionally (don’t try it at home by yourself with a magic marker) by tattooing tiny dots to mimic hair follicles, the procedure costs less than $2 per thousand. It takes about 3 hours to perform, depending on the amount of skin needed to be covered. For those who aren’t quite sure if this is what they want, it can be done with surface ink so it’ll disappear in a few months.

When it comes to men who are seeking the appearance or illusion of a little bit of growth, the process uses a small three-point needle to create the look of a closely shaved head, comparable to the likes of Hollywood celebs like Vin Diesel, Jason Statham, and the always badass bald and beautiful Bruce Willis. The micropigmentation practitioners or tattoo artists use ink and apply small dots to the scalp in a pattern that recreates the look of your lost hair, giving you back your hairline

Melissa Thompson
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