When Fun in The Sun Goes Wrong

Summer vacation has officially started and with the warm and sunny months, when the kids are off of school and life is a little more relaxed, people naturally head out on vacations. From Memorial Day Weekend in late May until Labor Day in the beginning of September, Americans travel more than at any other time of year on trips to visit friends and family, hit the beach and go on adventures.

When it comes to traffic accidents, July and August are the two deadliest months of the year. The roads are more congested, there are more motorcyclists and cyclists on the roads, and people spend longer hours driving. Additionally, when driving far away from home drivers are often unfamiliar with the local roads and laws, and may be more focused more on following GPS directions than on the roads. The tragic result is more crashes, injuries and fatalities.

The summer months are also particularly dangerous for teen drivers. Teens spend more time on the roads with friends in their cars, leading to accidents caused by distracted driving. Add into that equation lots of parties and gatherings where alcohol is consumed and the likelihood for something to go wrong increases even further.

It is not only traffic accidents that increase during the summer. Overall emergency room visits spike during the summer too. Visits to the ER increase by 15-27% due to lack of routine, more outdoor and adventure activities taking place, more swimming, driving, barbecuing, hiking, camping and the like.

Injuries also happen frequently while people and families are away staying at a hotel. Mainor Wirth Injury Lawyer notes that some of the most common injuries that take place on these vacations involve swimming in unsafe pools, slips and falls, and food poisoning.

Other common summer travel related injuries include broken bones, concussions from falls, and sprains and strains from unsafe jumps taking place at trampoline and jumping venues; respiratory problems, skin rashes, and other discomforting effects from toxic exposure at tourist attractions where chemicals are used to sanitize and sterilize; injuries related to recreational accidents like biking, boating, hiking and the like.

While summer should be the time when “livin’ is easy” there are ample opportunities to get hurt while having fun and enjoying the weather. Being aware of the increased risk can help vacationers everywhere have a safer and more enjoyable summer.

Melissa Thompson writes about a wide range of topics, revealing interesting things we didn’t know before. She is a freelance USA Today producer, and a Technorati contributor.