Flowers Enhance Your Mental and Physical Well-being

Flowers have a calming effect that can improve your wellbeing. Think of them as the original form of aromatherapy. Whether you get flowers as a gift or give them to someone else, you could be spreading the good vibes with measurable physiological effects.

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How Flowers Can Positively Impact Your Health

The following activities provide a creative outlet and hands-on experience that can raise your endorphins and increase your general wellbeing.

1. Get some flowers from a local store and purchase a large vase. Make a weekly trip to freshen up your arrangement and enjoy the heady aroma of real flowers that fills your home. In a recent study, flowers had long-term impacts on the positive moods of study participants who reported feeling less anxious or depressed after introducing flowers into their homes.

2. Plant a flower garden from seedlings or potted plants. This is a great weekend hobby you can engage in even if all you have to work with is a window sill flower box. If you are able to have a larger area to maintain, you can get in some exercise, also a mood lifter, while pursuing your hobby.

3. Give flowers regularly as gifts. According to a Rutgers University study, members of every age group experience excitement when they receive flowers as a gift. Excited, surprise and joy are all great ways to increase adrenalin and get your blood pumping. So, getting flowers also improves the physical wellbeing of your loved one.

Michelle Obama Among the Millions of Women Who Love Getting Flowers

Michelle Obama may seem like a superwoman to many of us, but the former American First Lady was recently teary-eyed when husband Barack Obama surprised her with flowers on a recent book tour. Giving flowers to those you love is often just as much fun as getting them.

It would be hard to find a stronger endorsement than that.

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