CPAP Machines – New Implant Device For Sleep Apnea Patients

Sleep apnea is a common condition. It not just takes a toll on sweet slumber but also affects the quality of life of the sufferer. The condition is characterized by disruption of breathing during sleep. It increases susceptibility to strokes, heart attack, obesity, etc.

If numbers are to be believed, 22 million Americans are dealing with sleep apnea.

CPAP machines to deal with sleep apnea

As already mentioned, sleep apnea is characterized by an inability to breathe well during sleep. The soft tissues situated at the back of the nose, throat, and mouth collapse to block the airway and hence, pose a difficulty to breathing.

Some sufferers might never discover that they suffer from sleep apnea. The only symptom that hints at the condition is feeling tired even after sleeping for eight hours. The condition is diagnosed by a sleep study.

Many experts see CPAP machines as the best solution for sleep apnea. They offer a “Continuous Positive Airway Pressure” to help the sufferer sleep better without risk of spluttering or choking.

Here is a list of ideal CPAP machines in 2018:

  1. Dreamstation Auto by Philips Respironics w/ Humidifier

With Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, the Dream station Auto by Philips Respironics 2018 is impressive. The machine is a result of thorough consumer research and amazingly lengthy interviews with patients taking sleep therapy.

This latest machine has all the coming of age features. The compact design, light weight, and low noise (30 dB) make it the best CPAP machine. It comes with an extra SD card and a supply of filters for an entire year.

The intelligent automation and event detection settings are excellent.

  1. ResMed Air Sense 10 Autoset with Heated Humidifier

The successor of ResMed Air Sense S9 series is loaded with unmatched features. This CPAP machine caters to the needs of many patients. The features include AutoRamp technology that ensures a smooth pressure build-up to avoid sudden air influx, ClimateLineAir as well as HumidAir technology to create correct air temperature, the LCD display with ambiance setting, and eye catching looks.

  1. IntelliPAP Auto Adjust with Humidifier

The IntelliPAP Auto Adjust with Humidifier offers high performance at a very low price. The easy to operate machine comes with sleek and simple looks. The delay pressure feature and Smart Code compliance tracking features give it entry into the list of the best CPAP machines of 2018. The manufacturer offers a three-year warranty.

  1. Apex Medical iCH II Auto CPAP Machine

The eye-catching looks, slim design, and many features make Apex Medical iCH Auto CPAP Machine one of the most sought after CPAP machines. The four button control makes operation very easy. The compact design and light weight make it easy to carry.

  1. Fisher & Paykel Icon Novo CPAP with Humidifier

The beautiful looking CPAP machine contains the latest technology. The Thermo Smart technology ensures the right level of humidification. The machine is easy to operate with one touch menu display. The simplified design and ease of use make it one of the best CPAP machines.

The Bottom Line

All these CPAP machines are simply phenomenal. Patients can select one that fulfils their needs and fits the budget.

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