Bugs In Baby Formula

Abbott Laboratories is recalling millions of infant Similac formula that could be contaminated with insect parts.

The recall affects up to 5 million Similac brand powder formulas sold in the United States, Puerto Rico, Guam and some Caribbean countries.

There’s a small beetle or larvae, which could cause stomach ache and digestion problems, the company explained. The recall does not apply to the liquid formulas, or other Abbott brand products.

The insects were found last week in one section of a Michigan manufacturing plant. Abbott manufactures Similac at several U.S. sites, Company spokeswoman Melissa Brotz.

The company has been consulting with the Food and Drug Administration, which determined there was no “immediate health risk” from the contamination, according to Brotz.

The affected products should be returned to Abbott for a refund.

The company set up a Web site, http://similac.com/recall, and a consumer hotline, 800-986-8850.