Blue Cross, Huntington Hospital Conspire to Deny Health Care Worker Health Care

People who are injured at work probably expect they will be covered by insurance, but it seems it isn’t always the case.

Certified nurse assistant Amelia Mendoza, 52, of West Covina, California, was physically attacked by a patient while working at Huntington Hospital in Pasadena earlier this year. Amelia was examined in the hospital’s Emergency Room and immediately returned to work.

After a second attack by the same patient, Huntington Hospital turned Amelia away from their in-house workers’ compensation clinic.

Amelia soon collapsed into a vegetative state and has not recovered. Blue Cross has refused to provide medical care, because the injury happened while Amelia was at work.

Huntington Hospital and their insurance carrier, Sedgwick, have denied Amelia’s claim for medical care and disability compensation, claiming there is no medical evidence that her injury happened at work, even though hospital records confirm the attacks, which is the basis for Blue Cross’ denial of coverage.

Amelia has since contracted pneumonia, and her health condition is increasingly desperate. Her husband, friends and advocates protested the unconscionable behavior of her employer, insurance carrier and health insurer outside Huntington Hospital this morning.

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