Why Winter Hiking Can Be an Adventure

Hiking can certainly be an adventure. Winter hiking is an even more exciting adventure. Going hiking is not only a great hobby, but it is also a great way to get exercise, reduce stress, and become closer to nature. There are many different levels and intensities of hiking, but no matter what, hiking can be a great activity. Hiking anytime during the year is great, but hiking during winter can really be an adventure.Here are some reasons why hiking in winter can be the best time to go.

The Views are Fabulous

While hiking during the other seasons can be beautiful, it can sometimes be difficult to see off into the distance because of the leaves and trees that might get in the way or block the view. During the winter time, with bare trees and branches and holes in the foliage, it can help hikers to see more beautiful views further off into the distance.

The Weather is More Bearable

While bundling up is certainly important, there is no humidity during the winter months when hiking. It is important to be sure to wear some good hiking shoes, too. It is easier to take off jackets, hats and mittens if it gets too warm. During the summer, there is only so much that can be done once the humidity becomes a bother. It is just as important to drink a lot of water because a hiker is expending energy and will need to be sure to hydrate. Hiking can be a great winter adventure to enjoy the cool weather, but still get out and be active.

Quieter and Fewer People

The summer months can be very busy on mountains with lots of hikers on the same trails at once. During the winter months, people are less likely to go hiking unless they enjoy the cooler weather. Hiking in the winter will be quieter because there are fewer people out on the trails. It is also quieter in general, especially when there is snow because it acts as a sound barrier. It is easier to hear the rustles and nature sounds of winter.

No Need for Bug Spray

One of the greatest benefits of winter hiking is there are no bugs. Leave the bug spray at home and don’t worry about using those chemicals on clothing and skin. Bugs can certainly make a summer hike annoying and stressful, but that won’t have to happen during winter hiking.

Winter Hiking Can Be Healthier

In the winter time, it is important to get out and get some fresh air. There are often lots of sicknesses and germs floating around because people are cooped up inside with the heat going. This can be a breeding ground for germs. Getting fresh air during outside pursuits will keep hikers healthy. In addition, the colder temperatures help to burn more calories.

Final Words

There are many benefits to winter hiking. Get up and go outside to explore a new trail or mountain. Winter hiking is not only a beautiful adventure, but it can be a healthy and bug-free one as well. Hiking in the colder temperatures can actually be more enjoyable than the warmer weather. Just keep in mind that hiking during the winter dress appropriately in layers and hiking boots are a better choice than hiking shoes. If you don’t yet have some good hiking boots, you can find a list of good options at outsidepursuits.

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