Was a Free-Spirited Kortne Stouffer Running with a Crowd of ‘Rotten Apples?’

What did the Palmyra police find when they searched Kortne Stouffer’s apartment, after the spirited, 21-year-old (young) lady vanished in the wee hours of July 29th (which by then had turned from a Saturday night to a Sunday morning)? What evidence led them to suspect kidnapping or unlawful restraint? And why are the police withholding the identity of the mystery man who stayed over at her apartment that night (chalk-full of darkly synergies)?

More and more information on Ms Stouffer’s confounding case is piping through to us via the internet and broadcast news. Almost too much data to make any sense of. So, (obviously) we have to sort through this maze (of rumor, innuendo, and even character assassination), and keep an eagle-eye out for what looks like blatant BS.

kortne stouffer apartment

Alright, so this sort of phenomenon crops up on every case I investigate. And yet it’s a ‘Viral Smokescreen of Craziness’ with Kortne Stouffer!

I mean, I read this morning one news service is seeing evidence that Kortne’s Facebook page has still been active after July 29th; that she’s even added new friends. I’m not saying this is wrong, but still it’s weird? And then we’re hearing that it’s widely known that she and her boyfriend (who just got a DWI) were drug dealers in the Palmyra area.

Moreover, we hear that Kortne indulged in a loose or lax lifestyle when it comes to romance, harkening back to a ‘Free Love’ lifestyle practiced by the youth culture (who had zeroed in on the Haight Ashbury district of San Francisco in 1967). Alright, so perhaps I’m extending this notion a little too far; yea, exaggerating a bit!

But really it looks as if Kortne was simply channeling the Hippie Thing. Lots of young people do that, looking back on this era as a Golden Age of Pop Culture, development. Kortne was behaving no differently than many others who simply want to experience those (zany) times vicariously, a kind of 24/7/365 Halloween costume party.

kortne stouffer

I digress, I know, but I beg the question, is there a tie-in with this innocent enough play acting, and what may have morphed into a darker plane (or zone) of activity?

Fantasy can start out innocent sometimes, then go in the wrong direction (in the wink of an eye). Quite clearly, we need to probe the inner circle of friends Kortne ran with, such as the group of four men she was seen partying with at the Hardware Bar in Harrisburg, Pa. Why can’t the police reveal the names of these guys? Is it that bad? Who amongst them would want to kidnap her?

Her actual disappearance is our greatest source of befuddlement! Why didn’t anyone see or hear her exit her apartment? Especially, in light of the fact the police had visited her apartment twice (answering complaints) in the wee hour. What I’m suggesting, is there was a high level of visibility, of transparency to the activities transpiring that night. And yet everyone had ski-dattled by the second time the police’d dropped by!

No, this doesn’t add up. For me, the best line of investigation is to work the social angle, the (possibly) rowdy crowd she ran with. And if drugs are found in the mix (in her activities with other rotten apples), then this could go a long way in explaining what went wrong. Along with illicit drugs, (usually) comes a great deal of money transactions, which if don’t flow through the proper channels, can get some NOT SO NICE PEOPLE pretty perturbed.

Source: Stouffer disappearance investigated as possible kidnapping – Lebanon Daily News